welcome to my home in warri
meet my guys omo dem too rugged
“warri girls sha!,i been dey think say by now
dem for don change as church don full every
wia, ahah!,na the olosho wey i carry log yester
night o! she don almost carry all the money
wey big mama dash me run,nah gawd just
save my destiny as i quick open eye wen i hear
door sound,Chai i fly up as i rush her,
“wia u think say u dey carry my money go,….i
yan as i grab the olosho girl tight
ah! bros u don wake?…….the olosho girl ask
as she begin scratch her head,maybe better lie
never surface
“wia my money dey follow u go abi u dey follow
my money go?….i ask am as i tear her one hot
slap wey make her loose balance
aahh! bros abeg no vex,see nah Satan cause
am, me no dey look peson property o! ,na
Satan just push me,abeg bros use church mind
abeg!……..the olosho girl begin beg
“one mind dey tell me say spana use this
opportunity rape her to coma,at least she go
faint she no go nor wen u go disappear,u no
go pay shi shi be that o!,spana waya this
olosho nah!,my second mind nahim win as i
count 15 k give her then free her make she dey
omo nah so e take happen this early mo mo
o!,time dey talk 10:12 i don already call my
ma’le yan her say i carry night bus enter warri
sey i don already dey road wey lead enter our
house ,she happy nobi small as i cut phone,
package my loads,house straight,
as big boy wey i be,i don pass okada level so i
chater taxi wey toll me from gravity hotel wia i
log go my cabar,omo the journey make
sense,some of my guys don already gather for
360bar dey shark things Chai i for jump down
go meet dem but i need to go see mama first
nah,so make i drop loads for house,my guys
go nor say i don land
“as the taxi tear road enter my compound,na
my papa wey my ma’le yan me say him dey
sick nahim first come outside with him chewing
stick stationed in his mouth like tv antenna
the taxi man jam leg for brake as the moto obey
him with instant stop
aaahhh!! chinedu! nwam (chinedu my pikin) so
nah true u talk,i been think say nah lie o! even
as u call me this morning ask ya papa watin i
tell am,i tell am say nah till i use this my eye
see ya face na then i go believe even i nor
bother myself to cook…….my ma’le yan
“ah! mama nobi so o!,abi u no trust me
again,see eh mama i for don land tey tey but
onto say i enter one police soldier case……i
still dey yan wen my ma’le cut in sharpaly
eh! police Kwa? my pikin watin happen wey u
enter police hand,oya begin enter house make
we go talk am inside i nor want make people
hear anything biko… ma’le yan as i pay the
taxi man carry my bag omo nah inside house
be that o!
i don almost enter house wen 7 of my guys
maybe dem don get info say i dey town omo
naso dem take troop inside my cabar o!,
Chai naso every wia just dey boom! trust my
guys dem fit shout ya name sotey u sef go
begin feel like gawd
so i kukuma carry my bag give my ma’le as i
turn back begin salah dem better hand shake
and frezy hug Chai i don miss my guys!!!!!
o boy na wia u tear run go ah ah see as u just
fresh like water melon,rugged show we boys
dah way nah….erotic yan”erotic nah my padi
the guy get mouth die him sabi woman infact
nah ladies dictionary we dey call am
eroty eroticalllll !!!! my guy nah lag i.port go
o!! ,man pikin need to hama! ,na wia smell dey
fly dey gather nah….i yan as all my guys begin
hail me
Ehen! wia bobo and stevo dem…i ask as nah
those two with erotic plus spata be my closest
o boy as u tear race go lag eh! naso bobo go
hang him destiny ontop one onyibo woman onto
say him dey run G level nah,guy him dup the
lady o! nah confirm 150k him waya comot for
the onyibo account as him tear run come back
to warri all the way from portacut……erotic
ah!! Chai dat naija oyibo guy smart o!”if una
see bobo eh” Chai the guy no different from
white people o!,but him bad like babest nah
bobo we dey call him,so i don introduce bobo
to una,ok, oya make i ask about stevo nah him
be the strongest among us the guy don
upgrade as him don get high rank in the field of
igbo smoking Chai all of us go dey our first tap
from our early mo mo igboo competition ..omo
stevo for don dey light him 3rd lump”
erotic!….i call
my boss….erotic answer
“Wat of stevo nah hope say ara never nack him
brain so….i ask
chaiii!! stevo full ground na,as i dey yan u eh
both him and bobo dey 360 dey kiss beer as i
dey yan u now……erotic answered
Ehen! ok u know watin go happen now…..i yan
no boss nah ur command be our wish …..erotic
make una go wait for me for 360 i go show face
naw naw naw lemme just settle small matter
with my ma’le i dey come….i yan dem onto say
i won go follow my mopsi settle issue at hand
since i go dey travel tomorrow
ok na we go dey wait ya arrival abeg do
sharpaly o!,guys dey red eye o,we need to
shayo guys must see red men go see
red!!,…….erotic yan
and na red we go paint de sky!!!!….all my guys
respond as them begin waka
haay!! omo today nah today o!,i enter house as
i sight everybody well seated in the parlour omo
i know say i don enter am today becos my
junior sister nkechi she dey try pass me one
kind info through eye contact but i nor just get
watin she dey try yan at all
chinedu sit down…my ma’le yan as i stand
confuse becos e get one village girl wey dirty
like lagoon pig she sit down jeje near my pa’le
my son have ya sit nah….my pa’le yan as i sit
don facing them
emm! my son shebi u know say me and your
mama don dey old well well and nah only one
thing just one thing remain for us to grow old
with happiness,biko my pikin listen to watin ya
mama have to say biko i nor want make u vex
and comot as u always do so biko grant us ya
listening ear!….my pa’le yan to me as i breath
down and relax for chair, omo i don already
know say na grand pikin be the wahala
chinedu my son….my ma’le call
yes mama…..i reply
before i go into the main matter,abeg na watin
cause the wahala between u and police
them… ma’le ask
ah mama nah my neighbor o! hmm una need to
see watin happen,thief enter our compound
come steal all our money nahim dem come
kidnap my landlord pikin naso police together
with soldier people come pack all of us o!,dem
come dey ask us stupid stupid question say
make we yan them watin we know about the
armrobbers ah ah! how we won take talk about
people wey we never meet abi nobi all of us
dem rob so how come dem go come dey
harass us onto say we sabi something about
them,one man wey be my neighbor come dey
para for them nahim dem come use vex cut the
man hand………”i yan them correct lie
ah! u mean say they cut the man hand…
ma’le shout
yes na gawd save me sef,see nah the case
make me never come home since nah….i yan
shey the man wey them cut him hand don
marry… pa’le ask
yes nah,ha! him get plenty pikin o!…..i yan
Chai wickedness,so as them cut him hand how
him go take dey feed him family nah……my
pa’le ask
abeg allow me make i hear word you wey get
two hands we don chop??,….my mama reply
my pa’le
ah! mama take am easy nah,no dey talk to
papa like dat…..nkechi yan as my ma’le fling
broom to her side but nkechi dodge am,
emm my son,abeg make we go straight to the
point since ya mama choose to insult
me……my papa yan
chinedu my son,see eh since u nor won bring
us ur wife i mean the woman wey u go marry
nahim me and ya papa join together put eye
down go our village for nkanu go bring this
young lady,very beautiful and she be better
wifematerial o!,Chai chinedu look her well ma’le yan
ah mama e don do mama enough is
enough….i still dey yan wen my ma’le samah
me stainless cup for head ko!!!!!
ah mama why na?,i go vex comot for hia o!….i
yan as i begin rub my head for wia my ma’le
hama me the cup
oya agnnes stand upu! andy greety ya
husbandy naw….my ma’le yan to the dirty
village girl as the girl stand begin match wia i
dey sit down
Chai as i look the girl eh! the kind vex wey full
my body eh
blother gudu mony…..agnnes greet as she
kneel down for my front
ah! agness watin be uncle so u don forget all
the sweet sweet name wey go shark him brain
wey i teach u oya greety am again now…my
ma’le yan to agnnes
emm! em! ok sweety mu,…she my vex
Ehen oya another one….my ma’le yan
tomato jos mu..agnnes yan
nahim i use vex push her go jam for wall
aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! isi mu o! awura mu
o!!!…..agnnes scream as she hold her head
omo i tear race go outside as i head straight to
360bar,onto say i won reach dia fast fast i enter
bike wey transport me go 360bar
Chai come see as my guys come dey hail me
as them sight me coming down from okada
spannaaa!!!!!! twale !!!!!! spana the driver spana
the apata one!!!!!!!!…omo naso my guys just
dey hail my,Chai the whole bar don full gbiimm
just on my name o!,na battalion full hia as i
begin shake hug even the one.i.know and the
one wey i nor know but all na my pady sha!
“ah spana see as u just fresh dey shin like
toto,Chai guy show us the way nah,…stevo
yan as i sit down near him and bobo
ah ah!,i said ah ah,twale to baba,but boss as u
don go lag go clear bush nah to carry we ya
boys along o!,abeg bros show us the way i
swear we go loyal die,even if na shiit u dey
pack we go join if na ashawo u dey do my guy
we wear pant join u……bobo yan onto say them
won join me go lagos
hahaha !! bobo so u never Change Chai,ok
make una no worry i go arrange una arrival
once i go back tomorrow just relax i go holla
una for phone….i yan to stevo and bobo onto
say i go like make them join me for the senator
part of the offer by big mama
oyyaaaa twale for u baba..abeg two for oga
spana stevo yan as all the guys wey full 360
bar shout
gbosaaaa gbossaaaa !!!!!!!!!
oya attendant abeg carry 30 crates of beer
come make my guys begin tear red eye biko…i
yan to the bar attendant as all my guys begin
jump dey hail my name,some don dey comot
clothes sef as them dey ready for the drinks
omo we begin drink beer,win as we dey pump
jombo join,condom begin fly for air as plenty
runs girls begin troop inside the bar omo na
spana night e be oo as guys begin waya
olosho as them dey smoke and drink dey hail
me!,omo night don reach so every wia dark
and na red bulb dey the bar so my guys just
dey waya olosho ontop table for ground even
ontop air sef ,,Chai i dey enjoy my self too as
one olosho babe dey suck spana i come dey
dilute the pleasure with star and igboo
******* meanwhile back in my house i still dey
bar but something dey para for my house*******
agnnes take vex rush kitchen as she go grab
one sharp kitchen knife,she tear run enter
street that night as she begin find spana
ahhh i go kill peson i must kill peson this
night,a whole me agnnes nahim that idiot
pushu liky lagy ahhh!! nooo!! i must pushu this
knifu insidy him stomach aaaaahhhhhhh ara
ara ara!!!!!! agness scream as she begin fin
spana up and down



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