welcome to warri
runs guys biz intro
“e get one thing wey every woman get for their
blood”e dey common among them”too much
preparation,dem go rub rub sotey their face go
come be like watin gawd reject”imagine”since
morning we don prepare finish but big mama
still sit down face mirror naso so rub rub”i just
relax for bed dey look her come dey wonder if
na she wey won marry abi e still be her friend
“we no quick reach warri dat yesterday but as
big mama get mouth wella”we no experience
any waka waka at all as we reach the hotel wia
we suppose log come see respect,everything
don dey down”all the guards get diar own room
even spata sef get him own personal room
while me and big mama dey for thesame
room”trust me nah”i waya her tire till she sleep
off by 5:45 am”she just wake by 9 and time
dey talk 11:10. she still dey prepare
“spana!”……..big mama call me as i sit down
for bed dey wait for am
“ma!”… me answer
“abeg come hold this thing for me make i rub
am fast Eh!”…..she yan
“hold watin? ah big mama so u still dey rub
upon say u don apply like 4 different emm! em!
ah watin dem dey call all this una thing sef
Ehen!! pancake yes pan-cake”
“will u shut up and get ya stupid sef hia
now!!!”……big mama shout”i no even know
when i take reach wia she sit down dey do her
make up rubbish as i grab one silver box with
golden design for him body,she begin take
some powder wey dey inside begin rub”
“good boy” u better stop all this ya yeye
talk”……big mama yan as she begin rub her
“eh! mama shebi nah reception we go’go
straight abi”…….i ask onto say i nor dey like
church,asin nah from church gate sleep dey
always begin catch me
“yes nah abi u won go church??….big mama
“no o!” e beta make we just storm the reception
lagadat “…..i reply
“ok”….big mama answered as her phone begin
ring nahim i rush go carry am from side stool
wia e dey” Chai na iphone x
“help me pick am”….big mama yan
“ehh!”…..i yan
“pick it spana”……big mama
“ha! nah only for ear i dey hear iphone x till
now i never see am kolokolo”my wahala sef na
say i nor know wich one be the back and front
as i begin turn the phone around hiyaa!! “abeg
mama come pick this thing o!…i yan as i begin
“Wat? so u can’t pick the phone ha nawa for u
o!”spana give me my phone yeye human
being””……big mama yan as she grab the
phone comot from my hand
“yea am on my way already”
“no dont worry trust me nah”am with him just
relax u will meet him face to face “sure there
are even two”very cute guys trust me only
looking at them u gonna go wet”yea bye am on
my way”
“oya make we dey go”people wey i won
introduce una don dey wait o!…big mama yan
as she carry bag and we waka comot”
“spata them wit all the security guards don
already kit gan! Chai money good o! as i
bounce outside with big mama come see as all
the guards just dey samah me respect”nah only
spata just stand dey look me like fish head”
“we all enter moto as we zoom off straight to
“after 28mins drive we land for one huge gate
come see security both police soldiers thugs all
of them full every wia like fly come dey patrol
with ak”
“them no even check us as them sight big
mama nah just sure ma! welcome ma! i dey
hear”i even dey peep maybe i go fit sight oga
frank or musa nah those two dey fear me
“we land inside the compound as our moto
park”all of us waka come down as the security
guards direct us enter the gaint hall omo i
happy onto say i no appear poor at all,becos
the kin big big lady and girls wey full dia Chai
come see as dem dey look me dey wink ,big
mama sef notice am as she direct me and
spana go one table as she waka go dey greet
her friend”hug”peck u know all that kin greeting
“as big mama take instruct her body guards
she tell dem say four go stay wia we park our
moto two go follow her then two go dey with me
and spata”
“Chai e sweet me diee! as those two huge
giants take stand for my back as i sit down with
na one fine hot babe like dat waka come meet
us for our table Chai see packaging she dress
“hi”i reply as i take eye scan her body assets
“please excuse us”nobody is allowed to talk to
him”..striker yan to the hot babe as him direct
her away”
“Chai stroke abi striker u dey mad asin dem
dey do u??…spata para as him vex die!
“shut it man”ok sorry man for chasing the big
fish away but thats Wat big mama instructed
me to do”……striker yan
“ah! so that woman no want make we get
connection abi”ok na we go see we sha
see!”…..spata yan as him relax for him sit
“striker, i call him as one better idea struck my
“yes boss man”….striker answer as him near
“help me get that lady contact”500k if tinz work
out well”….i yan striker
“hmm ok but u gat to make it 1mile man i deal
in million bro”…striker yan
“ok deal”….i yan
“no p i go run tinz normal before we leave just
relax”u’er damn hot man see, a lot of them will
still come so have it in mind dat each bae is
1mile x the number i l’ll get for u man”…..striker
“ok just dey get diar contact me and Spata go
dey arrange diar change”…..i yan
“omo plenty artist them together with top top
comedians full the event”hot hot ladies and
babes wey full every wia no even gree me
concentrate at all”if i carry my head go this side
naso my eye go jam one bae like that she go
smile and wink”nah the same thing dey happen
to spata sef”
“we tey for the event o!”come see drink e be
like water”spata don drink tire him wey nodey
run for drink”trust my guy him don drunk die!”as
him begin shout today na my birthday so every
body drinnnnnnnnnk!!!!!!
drink drink bill na for my head”
“big mama later come our table come tell us
say time for introduction don reach”na two hot
twine slap striker take clear spata eye as him
drag am go backyard”
“we reach wia the big big ladies sit down omo
nah V I P section be that o!'” big mama begin
introduce me and spata as we begin greet and
shake them,we follow them talk small,some of
them come dey drag us say we go follow them
go log for hotel tonight but i no ready at all”trust
spata him agree sharpaly but we collect
contacts sha”
“after the women part we waka go the senators
them side”guards no even gree me and spata
enter there as only big mama waka enter”nah
later she waka comot come carry us
enter”come see top top senators them “omo
nah that moment i know say nah big job i dey
into so”becos babies no dey among them at
“nah dia me and spata relax till big mama
come signal us say nah time to go”
“we shake hand with some of them before we
tear run go outside”
“so spata u have a date tonight”…big mama
ask spata
“yes o!”infact my body just dey jolly
since”….spata yan
“good so u will go with her’..make sure u do ur
job very well am sure u won’t be getting
anything less than 20million from her”…..big
mama yan
“ehh!! 20 mile ontop the enjoyment again ha!
best job so far”….spata yan as one long white
moto wey resemble remozeal abi nah watin
dem dey call dat moto wey long die aha! nahim
blow horn for our back as the door open Chai
spata dive inside as him jam door
gbiimm!….voom!!! they zoom off
“so watin be ya own plan spana big mama ask
“emm! ah big mama e get one better runs wey i
won stay back handle for hia in warri nah next
tomorrow i go come back to lagos….i yan to big
mama onto say i won reach my cabar go see
my ma ‘le”
“ok take this””big mama yan as she carry
heavy bundle of money give me”
“ah! big mama all this one for me! Chai na
baba gawd go samah u better money jare”..i
yan as i grab the money
“i follow them comot reach one junction like
that as i waka come down wave dem good
bye”they zoom off as striker trow paper to me
omo i run go grab am Chai nah list of
contacts”oh! boy i pocket am as i enter bike go
log for hotel but i sha carry one fine olosho wey
go keep my night frenzyy”nah tomorrow
morning i go dey go my ma’le dem place..
to be continued



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