something must kill a man (1)
if e nobi woman e go be money
“I just pray this people no go make me bring
out the demon in me”nah to shed blood be that
o!”but onto say i don learn to dey control my
temper nahim make me to dey chop all this kind
insult and beating without showing them my
real sef and through colour asin the main
reason why them dey call me spana”……i been
get one kind spiritual demon wey dey inside
me”una never reason watin dey make me get
monster mode wey dey always turn my eyes
red anytime i dey waya woman”no go stress ya
sef with that one becos story still long like
spana so as time goes on una go find out”
“come hia my friend!!!,dont even waste my time
at all!…..oga frank bark ,as him carry my mind
land for reality”
“no o!,i must do something how a whole
rugged warri guy like me go still dey alive and
peson go carry needle chuck inside him
prick”Chai no nah”i nobi chali for soldier Mata
nah”after all na something go kill a man”either
he die fighting to live or him go die uselessly
without proving him manliness”no! spana nobi
weak guy no dulling moment for him side at
all”naso i take boost my moral,come begin dey
calculate my moves how i go take throw them
“i look around as i sight one better pka ko! for
ground beside musa”exactly watin i need at the
“musa don already hold rope wey him go use
tie me for hand”but i get my own plan as i move
close to him ….as oga frank command
me”them still dey try to cut oga landlord hand”
“oya! bend down! make i tie this rope!,,,,musa
shout for my head as i reach wia him stand”
“i obeyed but still get my plan and moves intact
for my head,as i bend down”omo i expertically
dive the plank for ground as i waya am
poossaaaaaa!!!!!! for musa prick region”
“aaaaahhhhh!!!!! Allah!!! Allah Allah!!!!!
walahyiii !!!!!! e burst!!! ahhh!! e
burst!!”…..musa cried out in pain”but that one
na genesis compared to watin i still won do am”
“within a second i grab oga frank as i seize him
up”and position the needle wey dey him hand
for him neck then push am in small as him
scream nahim blood come dey drop small
“oya make una pack go one side like sadine or
else i go use this needle tear oga frank throat
complete”i command the policemen as i seize
oga frank and use him to shield my
myself”….ah no go try naija police dem fit use
bullet waya ya head comot if u no smart
“ahhhhhh !!!! please listen to him boys”ple ss
see!!! obey him am dying here this needle is
killing me!!……oga frank yan as i position the
needle wella for him throat”
“ayo !!! free that man abi u won chop burial
rice?? becos oga frank go be dead body if u
try touch that wire for that man hand again”….i
commanded again as i begin plan how i go fit
take escape with oga landlord without raising
“i still dey reason my next move when one
beautifully endowed young female police
bounce inside”
“stop dia!!!!!! i scream as she stop
instantly”Chai this lady package ooo!! ah ah!
how come she take carry all this loads even
after police training and exercise”Chai see
heavy backside abi nah the front side all too
make sense”wait oo hope say nobi standing
spana dey stand so??”
“i swallow spit as i regain my sef from the better
thought wey i don dey reason for head Chai
shebi if nobi say i dey wahala now nah to just
toast am”….i still dey reason before three hefty
security guards bounce inside the place”their
face look familiar”i still dey wonder wia i meet
them “just one seconds wey my attention comot
for the lady police side”
“gwaaamm!!! she dive me as she seize me
up”release oga frank then put in the position
wey i put oga frank before”Chai that needle dey
“wah dah hell is going on hia”…..woman voice
scream from door side”
“all our attention move towards the door side as
i sight big mama (jolade)”
“the thing come be like say na dream”oh now i
remember those macho guys”na thesame
bouncers wey i see for 5 star hotel”
“ah” big mama what are u doing hia??….i
asked as i surprise becos i no expect her hia”
“she just ignor me as she face oga frank and
the soldier boys”
‘”good day ma!!!!!!!!!!!”all the police including
oga frank stand still with their chest up and
hand against their skull as they salute big
“Mr frank”…she called out
“Ma!!!”…..oga frank answered
“what is happening here….she fired at him
“ma actually these two ritualist wey dey hia”we
catch them with five human head nahim we
come dey try investigate them for we station but
they just dey prove stubborn them no gree talk
pkikiimm!”after plenty beating for station them
no gree talk nahim i come carry them come
here for better and proper beating”……oga
frank blow him lie”
“what!! spana is that true”….big mama faced
“trusth warri guy nah !! i no say this one nah
matter of who blow lie pass so i start my own
with confirm warri scream!”
“aaahhhhh!!! ayee mee!!!,oga frank ya father i
said ya papa yansh dia”me wey nor sabi kill
tolo tolo me wey no fit kill ordinary snake nahim
you talk say i kill peson come carry him head
ah nah gawd go tear u better slap dia” oya wia
the head show me the five heads?….i asked as
oga frank begin scratch him head
“no nahim wife him and that oga wey they dia
dey use do janglova”……musa said still holding
him prick”
“big mama see them “u see them now from
human head to oga frank wife”ah! i nor do
them anything nah house i just dey comot sey
make i go buy the clothes wey we discuss say i
go buy nahim them come catch me for road
force me enter their moto”……i lied as i begin
show the blood wey full my back to big mama “
“as big mama sight the blood come see as vex
take full her body her eye change”frank!!!!!!
how dare u do this to my boy!!!!!!….she fired
“ah!! na your boy??….all the police including
oga frank shout as them use their hand to
cover their mouth..
“how dare u!!! mark my words you will be
sacked before tomorrow morning”…she fired
“ah please ma!”i nor know say nah your
boy”oga spana why u no talk since nah ..ah
ma please dont get me sacked please!!!!….
“and for you policemen just know u have meet
your doom,una go see pepper”…she barked at
“nah gawd go bless u big mama just make sure
say musa”see am this short one Ehen! make
sure say him go dey front seat when them go
pack them dey go sambisa forest and this omo
ibo hia this huge one wey be like banabas”no
give am gun at all na tooth pick una go give
am”……i still dey talk when big mama shout
“shut up!!! idiot!”just look at the mess u got
yourself into”see what u have made of your
handsome sef”what is it that lady have that you
can’t get from other women??…big mama fired
at me
“no vex ma nah devil hand work”….i said
“devil my foot”…big mama
“now listen to me Mr frank”just make sure that
man laying over there is released right now and
well treated” carry am go hospital treat am well
well and that arm must not miss if it miss then
count ya sef as armless man too!,becos i will
personally make sure yours would be cut
too”after he recovers from all this then i would
think if i should reconsider or not
good bye Mr frank till then”..big mama
concluded as she waka go outside”omo i rush
follow her sharpaly as we bounce go outside
with her 8 body guards like say she be god”
“Chai some people get mouth for this country
o!”some people just get high rank like kilode!!
see as those goats just dey answer ma ma!!
ma”like say them no get mama”
anyway am still to discover her true identify but
e nobi now make i relax for now”
“naso we waka reach wia them moto park”na
three moto dey dia one humar jeep and two
range rovers”big mama me and striker enter
inside the humar jeep while the remaing guards
occupy the two range rovers”
“hope we can still make it to warri today?”big
mama asked
“ah ah! why not”see big mama nah u save
those gatemen wey call themselves soldiers “i
swear if not for your intervention eh i for kill
peson!!! i for tear red eye give them “shebi u
see as all of them kneel down as u waka
enter..nah punishment wey i give them be
that”…i boosted
“ha ! spana u and this your mouth eh”see how
blood stained your body is” u can’t even thank
me for coming to your rescue”…big mama said
“ah big mama one!”u too much jare Ehe! how u
take know say i dey hia na?…”i asked
“i came to your house to pick you as we
discussed after trying your number several
times without you picking but when i got to your
house”i met everywhere filled with people
talking about a landlord and tenant that
impregnated a d.p.o.wife so i asked about their
location this young man beside u said he
knows the place becos he had followed u
guys”he brought us hia but he refused to follow
us in when we got hia”
“ah him try nah gawd go bless am”i said as i
turn to thank the young man only to see spata
coil himself for one corner beside me i surprise
as i scream
” ah spata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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