“i sight spata as him waka enter
compound,omo my guy stopped in his track
immediately he sight the soldier men”onto say
him be rugged guy he just do ah back turn
voom! piaa!….he dash outside as him slam the
“emm! Mr frank can we please settle this
amicably”lets not let another ear hear this”we
can talk man to man”……oga LANDLORD
pleaded as two policemen men drag him
outside with him wearing only boxers”
“oga make we drag two of them go outside the
street,we get enough fuel for moto”and spear
tire reach three for our boot”…..said one
policemen “
“no no!! we would be doing them a great favour
by doing that”see i will punish them sotey them
go dey beg for death”handcuff them”put for
moto make we dey go station becos jungle
justice na heaven for this kind Mata”….oga
frank said as the station drag me and oga
landlord dey go outside wia they park their
moto abi caterpillar”becos na iron iron the moto
“as we step outside”nahim i come use eyes
dey find spata”the idiot no dey anywhere near
the street sef”na when i don enter moto
finish”Chai come sight the idiot wia him stand
dey wave bye bye for me!!!”aahh! spata” so u
no fit come rescue me”u no fit come ask watin
happen sef”u just tear race go hide come dey
wave me bye bye!”ah aye mi o!!…na all this
thing i just dey think for my mind”how my life go
take be in the next 5mins ah!! aboki shiit go get
quality pass am sef”…
“see baba gawd if u save me asin if u save me
from this one”this prayer no bi’ like all those
other one”e come from my heart just save me
from this one i swear i go cut spana carry am
come do thanks giving for church”infact i go
turn pastor i go turn fatherr for catholic
church”na me go dey first enter church every
Sunday”……na all this be the prayer wey i just
dey bomber for my mind”
“please help me escape just name your
prizes”any amount 100million 200? i will
pay”just let me run please”… oga landlord
dey beg, but e be like say na rap him dey rap
as the policemen no even look him side”
“see i have one estate in oshodi and i ready to
dash am out to all of una”oga landlord never
complete this him statement when one ibo
police guy wey sit down with us.. no different
between him face and that of banabas”
“taaaawwwwaaaaaa!!!!! u dey clazeeee !!! we
resemble u hungly goats okwe e’? npagi estate
nmagi 200 million”…no u go still go fvck
governor wife come dey offer us cabine
biscuit”……said chukwudi one of the police….
“omo ibo slap carry weight o! Chai come see
as oga landlord teeth take fall comot, him come
turn slowpoke instantly dey comot spit for
Chai this slap eeh!! even gawd sef go say gawd
*i for won beg those police dem say make them
pity me sef”each time i remember chukwudi
slap hmm!”nah better advise i dey give my sef”
“so we remain quiet till we reach station Chai
nothing wey my eye no see”
“as dem drag us come down”
come see as police people take full every
wia”me sef wey don dey reason am say maybe
i go fit escape once we reach barrack,but as
police take be like fly for hia”hmm if u try
pkakam u go hear pkaaa!!! na ur head go
scatter!!”so i kukuma humble my sef”
oya make una movvve!!! idiot!”….one soldier
“them push me and oga landlord dey go one
building like that”Chai we pass so many people
with different punishments”some dey push
moto wey them draw for ground some dey use
pepsi cover dey fetch water fill one big tank,but
all this one na Christmas them dey”
“we reach one section wey be say all of them
dey necked,lai down flat for ground come see
koboko beating Chai hot we’we catch me”
“see i don talk am before i go cut spana no i go
cut am”see watin 9 rounds cause me nah”na
which kind wahala be this why can’t village
people free my destiny nah!”nobi my mates get
grand children?”no worry make i comot hia
alive first”
“oya make una comot all of una clothes then go
lai down flat for that pepper wey dey that
mat”……one of the police said
“eh?”…oga landlord said
“you don recover abi”….musa asked as him
draw near”i no even know when me and oga
landlord lai down flat for the graded pepper wey
them spread for the whole mat”
“after 2 mins nothing pepper us at all nahim me
i come dey wonder whether na sand we lai
down ontop abi e still be pepper”
“oya na who go come first”….oga frank asked
as him hold one long needle for hand”
“na oga landlord”….i scream
“na gawd go punish ur father”….oga landlord
replied me
“okay u still get mouth to curse abi”oya stand
up….oga frank barked
“ah oga frank abeg i promise to give u the
house for free”…oga landlord beg
“stand!! up!! my friend!!!! na u get am
before!!!…infact musa !!
“zziirr!!!! ….the idiot answered pushing his
chest out..
“drag am come tie for that rope wey dey
up”….oga frank commanded
“musa no even let am talk finish as him rush
oga landlord gbiim!! drag him up” but as him
hand no fit reach the rope nahim he come call
me say make i come draw the rope come
down”omo i no even waste time as i quickly
stand up drag the rope down i even help am tie
oga landlord well well i made sure say e tight
“i for won go lai down back but chukwudi tell me
say make i come”Chai e be like say i don get
aaaahhhhhha !! abeg o!!….na oga landlord
shout as i look him fear catch me instantly as i
sight them pushing the needle inside him
pennies hole Chai i no fit look am”….hayi shey
today go fit end oo!! i no like today at
all!!!!!….na me dey reason that one
“oya as u dey wait for your turn after oga
landlord enter this motor wey dey wall drive am
go park for gate”….chukwudi said as i reach
wia him stand”
“eeh!! u w*ll?”ah thank gawd i never talk am
out as i quickly shut up”… me
“how i go take drive moto we them draw for
taaawwaaaa!!! ….omo see slap wey carry
belle! this kind slap eh” nah factory reset”..
aahh!! i go park i go drive am abeg bros emm
sir no vex wia the key??….i asked
“u still dey ask key abi”….chukwudi asked with
him hand already up
“ah no! i go drive am like that”i rush go wia
them draw the motor for wall’ i look am look am
look am again” nahim i sight chalk for ground,i
picked it as i use am begin draw gate for
another side of the Wall”spana together with all
my body don dey get current small small from
that pepper wey i lai down before”
“i finish drawing the gate nahim i come draw the
moto near the gate with the chalk”…then i
called oga chukwudi say i don park am”
“oga emm bros no!”sir i don park the moto”..i
said to oga chukwudi who standup from wia him
sit down begin waka come meet me with
“so na me u take dey play abi”..he asked
“noo!! shebi u said make i drive the moto go
gate eeh nahim i use chalk draw gate come
meet am since the car no fit meet the gate
nahim the gate come meet am”…..Chai that
statement na the biggest mistake for my life as
oga chukwudi use him boot kick me go roof
omo i com fly land for ground with koboko
descending on my body like rain”
“ah bros abeg oo bros no vex eyeeehhh!! my
body oo!! bro no vex abeg!!!!”…i beg tire!…but
e be like say na fuel i dey add sef”all my back
just dey drop blood like tap”…Chai i no just like
“ayo!! carry the electric come…said oga frank
“as i hear electric omo the pain wey i dey suffer
comot sharpaly like vapour”e don reach that
level??”nahim i look oga landlord side Chai i
begin pity am becos confirm needle dey inside
him pennies come see blood every wia”the
man wey fat healthy few minutes ago come
stand wor wor like rag”
“them drag him go one iron carry one of him
hand put onto”
“nahim that police wey use hammer break door
carry the electricutor wire match forward as him
ask oga frank”
“oga make i start??””
” no dey waste time!”…oga frank replied
” Chai fear plus shiit and hot we’we catch me as
oga frank shout”
“oya bros come over na your turn” i look him as
i sight another fine shining long needle for him
hand”Chai i just hate today i nor just like
omo so na so spana go take swallow that
needle ? omo na yawa o!!


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