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Naughty Moms’ Club


“They say it’s not the end,” said Sylvia, explaining to the rest of the women in the room, “but we need to start using blindfolds.”

All the women in the room groaned in unison. They had thought they had found the perfect sexual amusement, but now it had all gone wrong.

It had all started a year ago. Three of the local wives, Sylvia, Maria and Ingrid, who had sons in the same class, used to meet up for coffee, and all agreed that their lives were boring. The three of them had married young to three lawyers who all worked for the same firm. The three men were away on business trips a lot and although they gave their wives a reasonable allowance, they kept an eye on what they spent. Being lawyers, they had all ensured that their wives would be penniless if they ever divorced, so extra marital affairs for the women were not on the cards. This would not have mattered if their husbands had not been so boring. Their social lives were boring; their sex lives were boring and overall there was no spice in their lives. It had been put forward timidly when one of the women first suggested that they should arrange an evening out watching the Handsome Broncos. The Broncos were a male performing group, stripping in time to raunchy music. They knew their husbands would not like them going, but felt they could watch the show without being seen.

The women were all nervous as they went in the theatre, but by the end of the show they all agreed that they had enjoyed themselves enormously. The women in fact had loved it. So much so, that a month later they were going again, but this time instead of sitting quietly in their seats they had joined in the raucous shouting and even trying to grab a handful of male flesh as the guys danced around them.

The next step was a private show in a local hotel room. The three moms had now been joined by two other women; a thirty-year old wannabe model called Patsy and by Vera, who was a pretty forty-year old divorcee who told the others that she hadn’t sex for three years.

Although the room was large, with the increase in women members of the group to five, there was only a small square for the three guys to perform. The women didn’t help. They were crowding in on the three men and soon were in competition with each other to rip off the guys’ G-strings. The guys, knowing they were at a private party and seeing all the women were attractive, began enjoying themselves. Things were getting very interesting, with Sylvia starting to give a handsome black guy a handjob, when the troupe’s manager, who was a steely hard-looking woman, came in and called a halt

That evening gave all the women pause for thought. It made them realize that, not only did they want to enjoy seeing naked men, they all wanted the real thing. They could just have had an affair with a man, but they were concerned that that kind of relationship could get too serious. The moms in particular were nervous that being caught out by their husbands could mean a financially disastrous divorce.

After a while they all met up again in Vera’s house. Vera lived on her own. Her son had gone to live with his father. She’d had a brother, Simon, five years younger, living with her but had thrown him out as he was a idler, never washing and seeming to spend all of his time trying to catch her undressed.

Vera looked around the room at the three moms, Ingrid, Maria and Sylvia.

Ingrid, who was thirty eight, had light Nordic hair, which was why she was named as she was. She was also tall at five feet ten and slim. Her long shapely legs, kept in shaped definition by her cycling, seemed to go on for ever, topped by an ass that was muscularly round. Her lips were succulently shaped, a little like Scarlett Johansson, but even more luscious. She was a blonde Scandinavian lovely.

Unusually, her eighteen-year old son, Willy, was only five feet four inches. This was four inches taller than his dad, but Ian was always bitterly disappointed that a rogue gene meant he was never going to be as tall as his mom. People referred to him as Little Willy.

Son and mom did not get on. Ingrid told Vera that Willy was always staring with lust at her long legs and tight ass, trying to get a glimpse of her thighs. Vera knew Willy was fed up because his mom was always getting at him.

Maria, with her dark Latino looks, was another beauty. The same age as Ingrid, her body was more voluptuous. Vera had heard that Maria’s eighteen-year old son, Mike, had been heard describing Maria’s breasts as looking a good handful, but Vera knew that it was Maria’s ass which was the talk of the boys at school. Vera felt it was too big with its shelf at the top and those big round soccer ball buttocks, but she noticed that men’s eyes followed Maria’s ass wherever she went and Maria’s son, Mike, seemed to be constantly staring at it. Mike, who was more fair skinned, like his father, loved his mom’s Spanish sexuality.

Although Maria was voluptuous, it was the beautiful Sylvia who had the most incredible body. Her breasts protruded like huge honeydew melons. Although she was thirty nine, there was no droop in her tits. Maria had commented that when Sylvia walked round a corner, you saw her big tits before you saw her face. She kept her waist slim by constant exercise, as all the women did. Her butt, although not a match for Maria’s, was big, round and firm.

Sylvia seemed to have even more problems with her eighteen-year old son, Sam, than the other moms. She’d caught him twice going through her underwear drawer and even caught him once jacking off to an old photo of Sylvia in a bikini. Sam’s father had just laughed it off, but Sylvia couldn’t wait for Sam to go to college.

Vera sighed. Eighteen-year old schoolboys seemed to be problematic for all the moms. It was only Patsy, the wannabe model who didn’t have a son to complain about.


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