Naughty moms club 7…. final part

The women were all surprised after that when the boys started maneuvering them into a doggy style position.

All the boys paused, admiring the asses in front of them. Ingrid’s ass was particularly muscular from her cycling. Sylvia’s ass was a good round object of delight. However, Maria’s ass was spectacular. It was an object of wonder with its shelf at the top and those big round soccer ball buttocks. Mike was slightly trembling as he entered his mom’s pussy from behind. As the women were entered they all marveled at the stamina their young lovers were displaying.

As the boys were slapping their thighs into their moms’ buttocks, they each grabbed the bottle of oil and started working a finger in their mom’s assholes.

This is where the women decided to call a halt. None of them wanted to offend the young man with whom they’d had such a good time.

Ingrid whispered, “It’s been great but that’s enough.”

Sylvia whispered, “You’ve been superb, but we go no further.”

Maria whispered, “This has been fabulous, but that’s not on the menu.”

All the boys knew the line to take and Vera could hear them all say, at nearly the same time, “So you won’t go the extra mile?”

The groans from all three women told Vera that the boys had their moms just where they wanted them. None of the moms said anymore as their sons’ fingers began to really work the oil into their assholes. It was almost as one movement that the boys slid their cocks from out of their moms’ pussies and into that succulent puckered hole. The women’s shrieks were heartfelt.

All three boys now began to really ride their moms’ asses hard. They grabbed their hair and pulled their heads back causing their spines to curve and their asses to stick up into the air. Ingrid felt amazed that, with such a short stature, her young man seemed to be ramming a hot poker into her sphincter. Sylvia felt that she’d never been so manhandled and Maria cursed the fact she’d had to give in.

Maria knew the pleasure that the fucking of her big ass was giving to the young man. Although her ass had always been her sexiest feature, she had never before allowed it to be penetrated. Mike was in heaven as his thighs slapped into her butt cheeks, his hot teenage cock sliding in and out of his mom’s asshole. Soon he felt his mom responding, pushing her ass back into him as he thrusted forwards. In fact all the women were now realizing the pleasure of having their asses fucked.

Groans and moans and screams were coming from all three women as their sons rode their asses. When the climax came the shrieks were deafening as the women orgasmed and their sons shot their final spurts of cum inside them.

Quickly all three boys left their moms on their own. Vera could see that all the moms had a look of utter contentment on their faces. Well, she thought, they won’t have that look when I send them the videos of what they’d just done.

The boys would, of course, be using the videos as blackmail material. She’d heard the boys beforehand discussing sharing their moms with each other, though not she suspected before each son had brutally fucked his mom senseless for a few days.

Vera smiled, vengeance was oh so sweet!


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