Warning: 🔞
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 24
*Kelly’s point of view continues*

I couldn’t believe what Rose just said.
A housemaid?
Why the f–k would she say that..
She should have just stayed silent.
“Rose” I said, looking at her.
“S..sir” She replied. Her face still down.
Oh f–k! this is crazy.
Rose this is crazy.
I want to tell her that but, Sugar cut in,
House maid? You don’t look like one.” She said, looking at Rose with suspicious eyes.
“And what are there in the bags?” She asked and is about to open them when i rushed and got hold of her hands and dragged her out.
“Ouch… baby, you’re hurting me.” Sugar yelled.
“Rose, go inside” I said and she walked away,…
I turned to Sugar,
“Tell me what the f–k you’re doing in my house. Right now.” I yelled.
“baby, stop, You’re hurting me.” She said, trying to pull her hand away but i held it tight.
“You b—h got to tell me why you’re trying to frustrate hell outta my life.” I said to her with so much anger.
“But you truely love me Kelly. Don’t you?” She asked.
What the f–k!
I squeezed her hand more tightly and she screamed.
“F–k!, Kelly let go off my hand.” She screamed.
“I’m not letting go off you s–t, untill you tell me the f–k why’re doing in my house.”
“Don’t you yell at me!” She said.
“Answer me, you w—e.”
“Kelly don’t you dare call me that.”
“Isn’t that what you are huh? You f–k a guy in my house, you kiss a man in the restaurant. Im sure you f—-d another man today. You slutty b—h!” I yelled,
“Kelly, get your hand off me right now..You’re hurting me!”
“I don’t give a f–k about that.. You disgust me!” I yelled,
“Kelly, you don’t f—–g say that to me.If you saw me f—–g a man in your house. If you did, then you f*cking prove it!.Show me your prove.” She said.
My heart fell.
I couldn’t believe what she just said.
For me to prove about her sex scene in my house..
“You are trying to deny that you weren’t f—–g a man right there in the sitting-room? I saw you!.” I said.
I know i didn’t see them.. yes, but i heard them.. I f—–g heard her screaming like a cheap w—e.
“Kelly, If you saw me f—–g a man right there in the sitting room, then you show me the prove. Show me some prove Kelly.” She said.
“You trying to get away with what you did, but you know what? im never gonna get on with you. I don’t f—–g love you anymore Sugar. I don’t wanna have anything to do with you b—h. So get that into those skull of yours and get your cheap a-s outta my house!”
She laughed..
“Seriously Kelly?”
“Yes!” I said
“So what do we do about the child. Your child Kelly?” She said rubbing her stomache and smiling.
I flung her hand away with rage. “I know that thing isn’t my child.” I said.
“Wow..really?” She laughed.
“Yes. You don’t f–k around and then tell me you’re f—–g pregnant for me!” I said.
“Kelly, you gotta accept its yours. Baby don’t you remember those times you were pouring your cums into me.. have you forgotten? Baby you want me to be the mother of your kids and now, i proved to you that i can with this.” She said rubbing her stomache.
I closed my eyes with my fist clenched together.
I don’t wanna remember those moments.
I loved her so much and i couldn’t imagine having protected sex with her.
I wanted to make her the mother of my kids.
I was already seeing the both of us as couple.
I loved her so much.
But d–n! she disgust me now.
A w—e and a b—h. that’s what she is.
“You know what Sugar..We’re going for DNA test..” I concluded and walked away…
She followed.
“You f—–g doubting its your child? Kelly you gotta accept this child whether you want it or you dont. I don’t give a f–k. Mom is making arrangements for our wedding already and nothing its gonna stop it!” She said.
Like seriously?
I turned to face her,
“You know what? I just wish that you, my mom and everyone who thinks i’ll f—–g accept to marry you would go right down to hell!”
She narowed her eyes as they went black again with anger.
Her artificial lashes stared at me.
Yuck.. everything about her artificiality disgust me now.
“I know you wouldn’t want my dad’s anger befalling on you?” She smiled.
I laughed, “Like seriously you threatening me with your dad?” I asked.
“Sugar go tell him im never gonna accept your cheap self to be my wife.” I said.
“What im i even talking about? F–k marriage! f–k it!” I yelled.
Im never gonna listen to my mom about marriage again.
I turned and pushed the door open and walked in, shutting the door behind.
She followed in.
“Kelly, there’s no going back for you. I really love you and I want you.. and nothing, no body can make me turn back. You are mine you get that! I get what ever i want.” She said behind me..
I ignored her and walked upstairs.
She followed.
“Kelly im talking to you..” She said.
I ignored,.
“Im talking to you Kelly..”
I gnored and walked down the corridor.
She found it hard to meet my pace but she finally did and stood at my front. Im just few inches from my bedroom door.
Her hands went akimbo.
“Im talking to you Kelly..” She said.
“What business do i have with a Godforsaking w—e!” I shouted.
“Fine!” She said and turned,
She turned to my door and walked in.
I walked in,
She is just at the door. “Get out of my room.” I said.
She smiled and walked seductively to me, biting her lips.
I chuckled.
Who’s she doing that for?
“Sugar.. You can’t get me with your sluty plays anymore.” I said.
“Shhh” said, putting her finger on my lips and then pushed me to the closed door.
“Kelly, I know you can’t resist this..” She made her voice sound so seducing..
She pulled down her top strap, revealing those sweet cleavage.
D–n! I don’t want this.. I really don’t want this.
She smiled at me.
“Keep your eyes on them baby.. I know you love to watch me do this..” She said and I foolishly did.
She put her hands on her b**bs, squeezing them lightly through her crop top to get me turned on.
She knows i love this.. She knows this really turns me on.
I closed my eyes..
“Sugar stop this.. Just get out of my room.” I said like a whisper.
I don’t know if i meant it cos it took the whole power in me to say this.
“C’mon baby stop being so naive.. I know you want this.. Open your eyes.” She said.
I don’t know why.. but i did.
I don’t understand myself when Sugar is doing this things.
She smiled and pulled down her top to reveal those voluptuous b**bs.
Its really hard to look away and im stucked to them with my eyes.
She smiled. “I know you want to touch them..Come here baby.” She said and then like a w—e does, she covered my lips with hers and i felt her hands walk down to my belt.
Those b**bs pressing hard on my chest.
I shut my eyes as memories rush into me.
Her screaming voice while she was being f—-d by someone else in my house.
In the restaurant when she kissed that man.
I thought of Rose.
She loosened my belt.
And then try to unzip,
“F–k! No.. get away from me!” I pushed her off, she almost fell.
She stood like she’s dumbfounded.
“Get that top back on and i wanna see you out of my house in the next minute.” I said and turned to walk out.
“Fine then but for your information, im not leaving this house tonight.” She said.
“Don’t you dare Sugar.. I would kill you!” I warned.
“Then be ready to kill me..” She said, Walked to the bef and fell on it with her b**bs joggling arrogantly.
She had not still pull back the top.
“Oh my Godddd… I’ve missed this bed baby!” She said aloud.
And then winked at me.
I breathed with so much anger..
Then taking few angry look at her, i stormed out.
I stood at the door and inhaled and then there’s no other thing on mind but to see Rose.
I walked to her door and knocked.
“Rose.. its me.” I whispered.
“Come in.” She said.
I opened the door and closed it back.
She’s sitting on the centre of the bed, facing the door with her legs crossed.
A music is playing in a low volume and her eyes are closed.
I walked to the bed and sat at the edge. She’s at my back..

“She’s beautiful.” She said.
“Who?” I asked, pretending not to know.
“Your fiance.” She said.
“She’s not my fiance.” I said.
“She’s a w—e.” I said.
She stayed silent for a while, then she asked,
“But you love her?”
“I loved her.” I said.
She became silent.

“Why did you have to say that back there?” I asked.
“I was scared.” I said.
She’s just a lady like you are ” I said.
“But she’s rich and im…im scared of wealthy people.” She said.
“You don’t f—–g need to be.” I said.
She didn’t say anything.

“I saw having sex with some guy right there in the sitting room.
I was devastated cos i loved her.
But then last night,i saw her kissing another man in the restaurant..
She’sa b—h and she’s claims she’s pregnant for me. And my mom.. she really is bent on getting me to marry the b—h.” I said.
“I don’t know what to say.” She said.
“You don’t need to.” I said.
“Im scared and i guess staying back here wasn’t a nice decision. I wanna go back to delta state.” She said and i jumped onto the bed and rushed her, gripping her into a tight hug.
“Rose.. I beg you.. Don’t dare leave. I need you now.. I really need you please.” I said.
I don’t get myself anymore.
I don’t understand the feeling that im getting for her..
I know i don’t wanna love Rose.
I don’t f—–g wanna feel that stupid feeling called Love.
but i swear, I swear, I really don’t want her out of my sight.
I don’t!

“Alright. It’s fine..Im staying.” She said.
Oh God!
“Yes! Thank you.” I said and released her.
But held her hands and stared at her eyes.
She’s godamn beautiful.
She don’t really look happy with what she just said but im happy. Im extremely happy.
“But im sorry i would have to continue with the lie and pretend like im your housemaid.” She said.
“Why Rose?” I asked, frowning.
“Cos im scared.”
“Oh f–k it! Okay Whatever.. Just stay..That’s all I ask for.” I said.

“Do you have the key to the door?” I asked.
“Yeah. Over there.” She pointed at the drawer beside the bed.
I picked up the key, walked to the door and locked it.
“What’s that for?” She asked.
“I’ll have to sleep here tonight.” I said.
She gasped, “Wh..Why?”
“I can’t sleep with that b—h.” I said and sat down beside her, crossing my legs as well.
She seemed uncomfortable, “ Hey, you don’t have to worry. You’re safe. I’ll make a pillow demarcation.” I said, smiling.
She frowned and folded her arms.
I smiled more.
Uhmm….im speechless..
Pls guys help me say something.
This housemate thing go sweet abi?

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