When we all got to the bathroom, we brought our phones and took different snap shots of meekest in his high state that will be used to taunt him later. – While those guys were busy snapping our latest Shayo ambassador ( meekest), i went back into the room, picked two empty bottles of ‘Red Label’ and Coke, took them inside the bathroom and placed them on meekest’s arm before i took some nice shots ( see wicked!) lol. – ” see wetin shayo do this family man o, chai!,” Uncle-C said, and we all laughed. – ‘ meekest my son, i sent you to school, you went there to be a drunk!’ i sang and the laughter continued. – ” ahh! See as he just be like pikin wey dem pursue from their community,” Jay added – ” dis boy stil dey alive so, make ona go check am o, maybe he go and devil go don dey activate for dat side o!,” my brother commented while we all continued with laughing. We had laughter for breakfast that day. . After much snapping and captions suggestions for the shots we took, i realised i was getting late for lectures. – ‘ bros, abeg i don late o, make we carry dis guy comot from dis bathroom make i baff, comot.’ i suggested while i went to carry meekest’s legs. – ” oshare, you think say we fit carry dis guy for dis condition so? Dis guy no be human being again o, na load he don be o,” Uncle C said while he carried meekest’s hand and we both carried the drunken master outside. – What suprised me was that, meekest didn’t feel disturbed while we carried him, he didn’t wake up. – i sure say meekest go dey feel say he dey inside plane, for im dream. – I hurriedly took my bath and left for lectures while drunken master was stil sleeping peacfully where we dropped him. .



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