Chapter 3 As Tony led her into the bungalow, she kept repeating the same thing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” It was like a song she was singing, but it appeared she couldn’t remember the other lines of the song, so she repeated the first line over and over. He was glad he didn’t have to carry her. “What’s this place?” She said in an American accent as she entered Tony’s apartment, and staggered along behind him. He sat her down on his room bed and she immediately fell sideways on the bed. He removed her shoes, and put her legs on the bed. With her eyes closed, she grabbed the pillow and made herself comfortable in bed. He laughed a little before reaching out to remove the small bag she had hung to her shoulder. She mumbled some words Tony couldn’t make out as he lifted up her upper body to remove the bag. He put the bag on the floor, and as he moved her weave-on to the back of her head, she opened her eyes for a few seconds before falling asleep again. “She’s a real beauty, right?” Ayo said from behind him. He gasped before speaking. “So, what are we going to do now?” “Don’t worry. She will be alright in the morning.” He said as he reached into the pockets of his jeans. “You can give her this for cab fare.” From the look of the wad of five hundred Naira notes, Tony could tell the total money was about ten thousand. He collected the money before saying “You are not sticking around?” “Dude, my wife has been calling my phone non-stop. I got to bounce.” “But…” “Please, just do this for me.” He said as he reached into his back pocket to hand Tony a bunch of rumpled up one thousand Naira notes. “Dude, I got to go like right now. I’ll call in the morning.” He said as he headed out of the room. After watching Ayo’s Kia Cerato zoom off, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the money his friend had given him. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; he counted the one thousand Naira notes in his hand as a smile appeared on his face. He breathed a sigh of relief before walking back into the house. I sure can afford to give my new guest some comfort, Tony thought to himself as he headed to the backyard where his generator set was. ……………….. He felt someone in front of him, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the girl standing there Unclad, looking disoriented. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw a nude woman, and he was transfixed by her beautifully shaped breast and flat tummy. He rushed to catch her as her body collapsed to the floor.
Chapter 4 He kept his eyes on her as he waited for Ayo to pick up. Her chest heaved up and down under the blanket he used to cover her Unclad body, but her eyes were shot. His heart beat so fast he thought he was going to have a heart attack. After the click sound, he shouted into the receiver, “What the Bleep did you give the girl?” With a low voice Ayo replied “What are you talking about? What…” “She just passed out in my living room.” “Tony, I can’t talk right now. I’m in a meeting.” “I don’t think you heard what I just said.” “Tony, calm down. Let her sleep some more, she’ll be okay in a couple of…” He stopped for a couple of minutes like he wanted to get somewhere quieter then he continued. “In a couple of hours, she’ll be okay. We had a couple of mollies with our drink yesterday. Just let her rest and give her food when she wakes up again.” When Tony didn’t say anything, he continued talking. “Look, sorry I had to put you through this. The girl made me believe she had taken the drug before.” “She’ll be okay?” Tony said in a low voice. “Of cos. Just let her rest. And don’t forget to give her food when she wakes up.” “Okay.” “Just relax Tony, she’ll be okay.” Ayo said and was quiet for a while before adding. “No matter what happens, do not call the police.” After that, the phone went dead. Tony knew right away that his friend had been downplaying the whole thing all the while. He placed his phone in his pocket and looked at the girl. He noticed she was moaning or trying to say something. He got on his knees and leaned in a little and all of a sudden, her eyes were opened. It startled him and he leaned back. Her eyes were focused now, staring at Tony, and then came the loud scream. “AAAAH!” ……………….. “Hope I didn’t give you too much trouble yesterday?” She said with an American accent as she went through the spaghetti and meat Tony had gotten her from the restaurant down his street. “Not really. But…I’m surprised my neighbors haven’t come knocking.” He said, scratching his head from where he sat across from her in the living room. She stopped eating and her eyes grew bigger. “Your scream.” Tony said with a smile on his face. “Oh, I’m really sorry.” She said and laughed a little. Tony’s bed sheet that was wrapped around her body loosened as she laughed, and she quickly re-adjusted it. She looked at him and he averted his eyes. “Sorry. The way I am feeling…I would feel better this way.” She said and Tony nodded. She took a couple of gulps from the bottle of water Tony had gotten her, and then went back to devouring the spaghetti. “My name is Shade, by the way.” “Cool. I’m Tony.” “Yea, you told me earlier.” “Oh, I did?” “Yes. When I was screaming my head off earlier” She said and almost chocked on the food she was eating. She took a few more gulps water, waited for a couple of seconds, and continued laughing. “That sure was like a scene from a movie or something.” She continued to eat in silence, and then she looked up all of a sudden. “Where are we anyway?” “We are in Idimu.” He said and her eyes popped out. “Don’t worry, we are still in Lagos.” “Okay.” She said as she placed the empty plate on the floor and readjusted the clothe that covered her Unclad body. “Yea, there is a link between here and Ajao Estate that Ayo passes through when…No need to bother you with all that.” Shade’s eyes traveled round the parlor when the room got quiet again. Her eyes fell on the little fireman truck that was on the wooden center table. She leaned forward and picked up the toy. “It’s for my little nephew.” Tony said as he cracked his knuckles. “He insisted I always have it in the parlor. He said it would keep me safe from any form of danger.” It made Shade laugh a little, and then she looked up at Tony, and their eyes locked. Tony looked away after a few seconds. She got off her seat and started heading towards the room. “I think I better get going.” Tony walked up behind her. “How far is Palm Avenue from here?” She said and suddenly turned around, causing a collision between them. Tony found himself holding her waist from stopping her fall. He gently removed his hands. “I’m sorry.” Tony said and took some few inches back. “No. I am sorry.” She said and closed her eyes. “Are you okay?” “Yes I am. I am okay. I am very okay.” She said without opening her eyes. “I took something yesterday that is making me…it is making me…” She was saying and stopped to take some deep breaths. “Please forgive me.” She said and Tony watched in shock as she let the bed sheet fall to the floor, and moved in on him with a kiss



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