Me, You, and Them: Book 1 A Romantic Suspense Story

Me, You, and Them: Book 1
A Romantic Suspense Story

The tick tock sound from her watch sounded
loud as she sat in the quiet room, starring at a
muted TV. She wiped off the tears from her
face with the back of her hand, and continued
changing channels on the TV. Something
caught her attention on screen and she quickly
turned off the mute button on the TV. She lost
interest after 5 minutes and switched off the
Television set.
“I’m rich. I’m supposed to be happy.” She said
out loud before breaking into a sobbing
session. Judith cried uncontrollable, and her
whole body vibrated from where she sat on the
king sized bed. This was meant to be a
vacation to help her feel better, but it seemed
being alone in the retreat had made her feel
She flipped her braids to the back and got off
the bed. Looking at her reflection in the mirror
attached to the wardrobe made her feel a little
better. Her flat tummy made her breasts appear
bigger than they actually were under the tight
fitting white t shirt she had on. And her jeans
brought out the curves of her lower body. She
spun her 5ft7 slim frame around, and a smile
appeared on her face as she did so. Judith
was referred to as The Last of the Mohicans by
a lot of Bloggers and TV presenters because
she was one of the few female celebrities left in
the country that hadn’t bleached her skin. The
brown skin beauty was the envy of all, and her
fan-base kept rising with each passing year.
Although it appeared from the outside looking in
that she had it all, she had spent many nights
crying alone in her mansion.
After an obsessive amount of time spent
admiring herself in the mirror, Judith grabbed
her car keys from the bedside stool and walked
out the room.



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