Chapter 4 “I’m a magician?” Sesan asked, looking puzzled. Even though he had told the man his name on the phone, he also found it strange that the man had called him by his full name. “Yes. You are magician. I’m a magician. Your mom is a magician. Even Yusuf, the man that opened the gate for you is a magician.” Sesan had a confused look on his face now. “Sir, I don’t understand.” “The real magic is in you, me, and every human being alive, but we don’t harness it.” Sesan still had a lost look on his face and the man continued with, “We have the magical powers to attract whatever we focus on. What we think and feel, we attract. If that isn’t magic, then what is?” “I think I have read that somewhere before, but sir can you explain better?” He smiled before saying, “Proverbs 23 verse 7…As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” He let that sink in before saying, “Luke 17, verse 20…The kingdom of God is within you.” “Hmm!” “Everything you want is within you in the imaginary world, and when you focus on it long enough, it materializes in the physical world.” Although this wasn’t what he had in mind when the man told him he was a magician, the whole thing was quite interesting to him and he wanted to know more. “Sir, if this theory is true, why don’t I get most of the things I think about?” “That’s because you are thinking from a place of lack, and lack of whatever you are thinking of is what you continue to get. But when, in your imaginative state, you think and believe you already have what you want, and persist in that thought, you can get anything you want.” “Anything?” “Anything; I don’t care how big or unbelievable. It doesn’t even matter whether it is a stupid thing; if it makes sense to you, and fills your being, you will attract it.” “Hmm!” “Let’s put it to the test. What has been on your mind the most the last couple of days?” “Umm.” He was saying then stopped to smile shyly. “Well, since you said anything, there is this girl in school I like.” “Oh. That’s nice.” The man said with a smile and sat up in his seat. “A girl; this will be a piece of cake because love speeds up the process.” “But…I have been thinking of the girl for a while, and haven’t gotten her.” “That’s because you have been thinking and seeing yourself without the girl, and that is the reality you will keep having; a reality without the girl.” “So…” “What you have to do from now on is to imagine yourself with the girl; walking around with her, laughing and talking to her, spending time with her.” “Okay.” “Do this for ten minutes twice a day. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and imagine spending time with her.” “That’s all?” “Yes. And don’t do anything other than the visualization exercises. The universe will work the magic.” “Hmm.” “And one more thing; don’t think of, but think from.” “I don’t understand.” “When you close your eyes to visualize, don’t imagine yourself looking at you and the girl spending time together. You have to visualize yourself as the ‘you’ in your imagination. You have to think from. You get?” Sesan till looked lost and the man added, “Imagine yourself in the format of a virtual reality video game where you are looking at the game world from the eyes of the main character, and not from your viewing eye.” “Oh! I think I get it now.” Sesan said with a smile, wondering how the old man knew about modern video games. “Yes. Thank God.” He said and laughed. “My grandson plays all those shooting games a lot.” “Wow! This would really be interesting if it works.” “Remember, you don’t do anything other than what I told you. You can’t assist the universe in doing its work, just like you can’t assist gravity in doing its work. Do your part, and everything will happen automatically.” “Hmm.” “Yes. Now, let’s get back to work related talk.” Sesan smiled and said, “Okay sir.”



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