Chapter 2
His second class for the day was a borrowed
course in another department. It was in a large
lecture theatre with about five hundred
students, but he spotted her in the first few
minutes of getting there. She was a light skin
beauty Sesan had been crushing on since the
beginning of the semester. She was in a clique
of about half a dozen girls and Sesan hadn’t
had the opportunity to get her alone.
He stood at a vantage point, looking down at
her make hand gestures as she interacted with
her friends. She had on a navy blue gown, with
a red belt around her waist that accentuated
her coke bottle figure. Her shoes and lipstick
were also red, making her standout in the
Her friends walked off at the same time, and
she stayed back to place their bags on their
empty seats. It was his chance. He adjusted
his denim shirt, cracked his neck, took a deep
breath and started the decent down the hall. He
was half way down when for some weird
reason, she turned around and their eyes
locked for a few seconds before she looked
away. Just a couple more steps to get to her,
and he heard a large uproar in the hall. When
he looked up at the stage, he saw the grey
haired professor walking to the podium with a
file in his hand. “Shiit!” He cursed under his
breath as he slowly walked passed her, walked
to the isle and started his slow walk back up
the hall. “Please tear out a sheet of paper. We
are having a test.” The professor said out loud.
Another loud uproar reverberated through the
He was in no mood to talk to anyone after the
test, and had headed straight to his
department. He had his face glued to his laptop
while waiting for his next lecture to start. He
had gotten another email from Chun Lee, where
she was talking about coming to Lagos from
Ibadan for the Christmas break. He replied that
he couldn’t wait, and went over to Facebook.
He wished all his friends born on that day a
happy birthday, scrolled through posts and was
about to leave the page when an ad caught his
On the right hand of the page, the small ad
read, ‘Magician’s Assistant Needed.’ He
hovered the cursor around the ad for a couple
of seconds before finally clicking on it. The
landing page was a very simple white
background website detailing the criteria for
getting the job. The person wanted someone
tall, athletic, sharp, and not more than 22 years
old. Sesan fit perfectly. He pulled out his phone
and called the number at the bottom of the
website. It rang for a full session and no one
picked up. But when he dialed the second time,
an old man said picked up immediately and
said “Hello” in a croaked voice.
“Hello sir. Umm. I just saw your ad about
needing a Magician’s assistance.” Sesan said
and waited. He didn’t know if he was talking to
the magician or someone at a job agency.
When the man didn’t say anything, he went on
with, “Sir, I am interested in the job sir.”
“Okay. What’s your name?” The man said and
coughed a few times.
“Sesan. Sesan Ogundairo, sir.”
The line went quiet. Sesan could hear the man
breathing on the other end of the line. He was
about to speak when the man said, “Okay. Can
you meet me this evening by 5, at number 7
Cole Street, Akoka? The street is off the
University of Lagos road.”
“Okay sir.”
“That’s my office. I hope you know how to get
“Yes sir. I’m actually at the university right
“Oh. That’s nice. So, I’ll see you at 5?”
“Yes sir.”
“Okay. Call me when you are outside the
“Yes sir.” Sesan said. He was about to ask for
the man’s name when the line went dead. He
looked at his phone for a couple of seconds,
contemplating redialing the number, and then
put the phone down on the table. He looked
into space, thinking of how awkward the last
five minutes had been. It felt spooky.



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