in the name of love
She broke the kiss after some minutes and
drag me to a corner.She held to my hands as if
my life depends on it.Everyone in the parlour
were now back to a jubilant mood and I was
surprised when I saw some people kissing
each other.I chuckled lightly when I realized my
early kisses with Sandra is the cause of it.
“Femi,You hurt me oooooooo,but you are
forgiven”She said looking into my eyes.
“Am very sorry dear.I will make it up to you”I
told her and gave her a peck on her forehead.
“I hope so”She replied and I drag her into my
room.She look around and saw my family
picture being hung on the wall.
“Your family?”she asked
“Yes.Those are my best loves,follow by you”i
replied given her a wink.She was shocked
when she saw her picture hung on the wall.She
moved closer and touched it as if the picture
can feel her touches.
“How did you get this”She asked.I gave a faint
smile and explain to her how I snapped her in
the bar we met after the dangerous game we
played.She was pleased and smiled also.She
move closer to me and we were already in each
other again.Lips against lips and hands finding
their way on each other.If the trumpet should
sound now,I would prefer to keep this kiss on
than to be raptured.I softly pushed her on the
bed and got some romantic moments.She put
on a trouser and all I was calculating was how i
can turn the trouser to a gown.My hand found
its way down a little and the moment it touch
her zip,she pushed my mouth away from her
neck and sat down on my bed.
“We shouldn’t be doing this”She said in a
“I know.But we both want this.I love you so
much and you love me too.Common baby,its a
great way to reconcile again”I answered
jokingly but with a serious tone.
“I will be getting married next month and I
won’t want to cheat on my supposed husband.I
understand how difficult this is for both of us but
I am just choiceless.”She said but of a truth, I
wasn’t listening again.The only thing I heard
was ‘I will be getting married next month’.The
statement kept ringing in my head repeatedly
and I just can’t fathom what exactly she is
trying to say.I look at her face and realize she
was still talking but I just can’t hear anything
again.A bead of tears broke off from my left
eyebrow she paused.she hitted me repeatedly
to get my attention but my mind is already far
from her.She shouted my name and hit me
again before I could be conscious of my
surroundings again.
“You are kidding right?”I asked unsure of what
to say
“Am not prince.still,i will love you
forever.Thanks for showing me what real
happiness is all about”She said already holding
my hands
I made up my mind that moment to let go of her
if that will make her happy.No reason holding
on to something that wasn’t yours and will
never in the long run be yours.
“Best of luck dear.Even though am hurt,I will
support you as long as this will make you
happy”I said and held to her hands.i
continued”Even though you won’t be with me in
the long run,you have shown me what love is
all about and how to fall in love.My arms will
always be open to embrace you anytime you
need it”I said with a genuine smile
“I need the embrace now”She said with smiles.i
open my arms wide and she jumped into my
already wide arms in a long embrace.
After some struggles with the door, I decided to
make use of a hammer.With all my struggles
with the door, I knew my mum is dead.I hit the
lock very hard as much as I could.I was
seriously weeping.I move backward and
collided with the door again.It gave a weak
crack which gave me a positive response to my
plan. I did that the second time and heard the
same crack.I hit the lock with the hammer more
times than expected this moment with anger
and fear flowing through me.I move backward
the third time and with the speed of light
jumped with my side against the door and the
door gave way.



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