in the name of love

Episode 9
I was surprised when I saw Sandra burst into
our apartment.I knew the end of my pretense is
over.Sweat of fear broke off me
immediately.Fear of what will happen next,Fear
of Sandra leaving me forever.It is obvious she
was looking for me.After looking around for
some seconds, she sighted me where I was
standing,glued to the same spot and unable to
flee as my mind suggested.She hasted her
steps and move towards me.Her movement
was like that of ‘The Rock ready to pounce on
his opponent’.Uncounciously, I was retreating
away from her.My back hit the walland I stood
still, realizing my running in the first place is
useless.Within seconds,Sandra and I was
standing Face to face.She look very angry and
dangerous.Her eyes were red like that of a
wounded lion ready to attack its attacker.I
opened my mouth to say something but my
throat failed me and only gave a coarse
sound.I summoned courage and try talking
“Sandra,I am very sorry.I knew I was wrong to
initiate this idea in the first place.just don’t
know how I will exist without you.All I want is
you and I believe that is the only way to get
closer to you.I am sure…… “Before I could
complete my explanation,A hot,heavy
dangerous Slap landed on my cheek.The
parlour was by that moment silent like a
graveyard.If Sandra decide to stab me this
moment, I think I deserve it.It was obvious she
was really hurt.I regretted ever planning this all
along.Almost everyone in the party were
surprised and curious on the incident at hand
except my friends though.
“How does it feel”I heard her voice
“How does what feel?”I asked with a shaky
voice.Am not sure if she was asking about the
slap or the game we played on her.My brain
and heart just deserted me that moment.I just
can’t think straight because down in my heart, I
have already pictured her walking away.Still in
my thought,Another slap landed on my
cheek.The slap is more heavy than the first
one and I staggered backward a bit.
I grew up in a family where my mum would
rather talk our brain out than beat us.Whenever
we commit any crime or violate any
regulations,my mum will talk non stop to the
extent we will end up crying for
hours.Sometimes,we would rather prefer her to
beat us than hurt us with her words.And for a
long time,This is the first time a woman(lady)
slapped me
“I said how does it feel”She asked at the top of
his voice.
“Sandra,i am very sorry.I don’t know what
came over me or why I did that.I really want to
talk to you about it but I was afraid about what
will happen next.My life is meaningless without
you.Of a truth,this IA a costly mistake I should
have avoided in the first place.I knew my short
time around you had hurt you more than you
could imagine and sincerely, I don’t deserve
any chance around you again.My stupidity and
emotions took over me and I just was
helpless.If only I could right my wrong now,if
only I can start all over again….”
“Femi,Why did you do that”She asked with
clenched teeth.Her eyes were wet and her lips
were shaking.
“I did it because of love.The love I have for you
blinded me.I have never been in love like this
before.I have never carve to be with someone
as much as I carve for you.I want you and love
you Sandra.Am sorry I wasn’t the right
person.Even though you are engaged
already,My heart still beat for you. Please
forgive me and let me right my wrongs”I
answered almost crying
“You schattered me because of love?”She
asked shaking her head.Tears broke freely
from her eyes and I felt a sharp pain in my
‘Am sorry Sandra.I was just blinded by my
emotions.I was lost in my thoughts of you that I
was unable to think straight.I saw it as the best
option and immediately embark on it without
thinking twice”I told her breathlessly.I knew my
explanations were meaningless but I just feel
like saying anything to save the day.I mean my
birthday and also save my closeness with the
only person my heart beat for.
“You were wrong Femi,I love you so much and
can’t live without you.Two things are against
our assumed relationship,the first is my
engagement and the second is your family
background.I have never been so happy
around anyone as it has always been around
you.I dream and think of you.I breath for you
and am afraid if I eventually fail to get marry to
you I will die one day.If you haven’t played that
game, we still will end up together as friends
because those days you spend in the front of
my home spying on me were really the
determining factors of our closeness not your
filthy and stupid game.Whenever you appear in
the front of my home,I always peep through the
window just to admire you.I waited for the
moment you will walk up to me and talk to me
again.You destroy my trust and hope because
of your selfish reason.You hurt me.”she said
and look around as if looking for some answers
around. Even if a pin should drop that moment,
the sound can be heard a kilometer away.She
gave a fake smile and face me again “You
once told me you hate me for telling you a
truth,for telling you I am engaged.Sincerely I
don’t know what best to say to a deceiver that
claim he is in love.But listen Femi,the biggest
mistake your parent made was giving birth to
you because I regret you were born.I regretted
knowing you.I regretted coming back to
Nigeria.I regretted giving you those
attentions.You are worst than an animal and I
sincerely HATE you”she added and turned to
leave.I dragged her back and she gave me
another brutal Slap.It now looks like today is
designed for slaps.I would rather call today a
slapday than a birthday.I have received
enough slap to make me deaf for a lifetime.
“Enjoy your birthday stupid lover boy”She
added with a smirk and turned to leave.
The crowd of over 30 people were now
standing between Sandra and the
door.Immediately she face them,Centino being
the one closer to her went on his
knee.Chizzy,realizing what is about to happen
also went on his knees,segun and Adebisi
follow the footstep and taofeek joined
them.Within 2 seconds,Everybody in the
parlour were on their knees except me.Without
being told,I went on my knees immediately.
“Sandra we are sorry “Centino said
“Sandra we are sorry”Everybody except me
replied in unison
“Sandra forgive us”Centino announced again
“Sandra forgive us”They all answered again
“We will never repeat it again”Centino said
“we will never repeat it again”they all replied
again and silence engroved the parlour.for
more than one minute,Sandra was quiet same
as everyone in the parlour.My fear that moment
was escalated because she got her back
turned on me and I couldn’t even see her
After a minute and some seconds which seem
like a lifetime,Sandra turned to face me and
gave me another thunderous slap.I
immediately made up my mind to order for a
new cheek after I clear the mess I am in
presently because no Cheek repairer can
repair this cheeks again.the pain was too sharp
to be ignored and uncounciously, I was already
rubbing my left cheek with my left hand.I gave
out a soft groan and look up to her again.
She look up to me and pull me up.Her touches
that moment was the only antidote I need to
heal my wounded soul.I felt relieved but still
not sure of what will happen next.I stood up
like a kid that just wet his bed and stare deep
into her eyes with pleading face like a child
that was about to be beaten for a crime
committed.I wanted to say something but I felt
a lump in my throat and ended up swallowing
the saliva that has gathered in my throat.My
heart was divided between holding her hands
and not to.I settled for the later and calmly
folded my hands behind me.Like a flash,
another thunderous slap landed on my cheek
again.Before I could say Jack, she raise her
head and gave me a kiss.The kiss was very
intense that I lost all sense of the previous
happening around me.I just can’t fathom where
I was, who is with me and lot of things that has
happened in the past.All that matters is the kiss
and I pray it never ends.Within seconds,Her
hands were on my neck and my hands were
wrapped behind her.our tongues were locked
in each other and I could feel her soft moan
right in my mouth while her body pressed
against mine.I heard a thunderous clap and
shout from the crowd and we quickly broke the
kiss.We looked at everyone with shyness
written on our face.I look at her and she look at
me also.I smiled and lower my head a little and
into another world of kisses.
I went to my friends place to make my hair after
I spoke with my senior brother on phone earlier
today.Brother Femi’s birthday is today and I
wished I will be spending today around him.He
had been a brother and a father to me and I
don’t joke with him,the same way he doesn’t
joke with me.
My brother once fought with a bouncer because
of me.His close friend, brother taofeek invited
us to celebrate with him three years ago.Of a
truth, I have forgotten what really we were
celebrating that faithful night.I excused myself
to get something outside the club we went to
that night but the tall muscle filled bouncer
would not allow me go in again.I pleaded with
the bouncer mounted at the gate post and even
showed him what I went to buy but to no
avail.He promised to let me get in only if I give
him my contact.I was angry but this stupid guy
keeps smiling and telling me to cooperate.
He is not the first guy hanging on my neck as if
his life depends on it.My physical appearance
has always been the reason most guys will
always become glued to me the moment they
sees me.I am of average height with a busty
body.Fair in complexion,with a smiling face.My
dimples compliment my smiles perfectly and
when I smile, even the strongest of men will
become weak and powerless. I am endowed
with a huge sizedboobs which stood perfectly
on my busty body and my behind is also a
perfect size for my structure.
I hissed and dialed my brother’s line to explain
everything to him.Within seconds, he was
standing with his frie


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