Episode 8
I woke up feeling very weak.My head ache and
my system felt poisoned.I was drunk yesterday
and can’t even remember how we got
home.Memory of what happened the previous
day between Sandra and I rushed into my
memory and I felt the pain all over again. Of a
truth,it wasn’t her fault.If I had met her earlier,
the story might have been different.I was
praying silently things will work well between us
or better still,I have the strength to move on.I
move into the rest room to brush my teeth and
also to rinse my face.After that,I move into the
parlour and I was shocked at what I saw.The
parlour is full to its beam
“Happy birthday Oluwafemi” was the cry that
rent the air.I was surprise and shocked at the
same time.The parlour has been rearrange and
also decorated.the centre table is no more in
sight and the chairs have been arranged
also.A two step cake is in the middle of the
room on a large stool.Drinks are also in
excess.I quickly rushed into my room to check
the Calendar.How on earth did I forget my
I was shocked realizing its truly my Day.I
rushed out and gave chizzy a hug.I hugged
everyone one after the other in excitement. My
sorrows have undoubtedly evaporated. My
happiness that moment,if exchanged with cash
can build a palace and afford the newly
launched Mercedes IAA.Theysang the popular
birthday song for me and I keep smiling like a
newly voted President.I cut the cake and we
started the celebration. I am overjoyed. I
quickly pick my phone and update it on
Facebook, Instagram, Palmchat,IMO and
WhatsApp. I was happy when I realized more
than 40 people have already wish me on
Facebook only.
I was happy when I saw some of my old friends
in the small crowd formed in our parlour.My
best friend Taofeek is also here.Taofeek
happened to be a friend from childhood.We met
at an amala joint and since then,we have been
best of friends.I can still remember the incident
that faithful day.
My mum sent me to buy the yoruba meal for
her and when I got there,I have to wash the
plate first because it was dirty.After washing it,I
saw a new boy walking into the mini
restaurant.he stretched his plate to the woman
even though she is dishing food for someone
“Iya eli,Amala meji” He shouted on top of his
“Oga,you met me here ooo” I told him without
even looking at his face.
“Says who” He asked
“Ask me now” I answered eyeing him.He
stretched his plate to the woman and I hit the
plate away.He pushed me backward and my
plate fell inside Iya Eli pot of soup.
“Are you both mad?.What is the meaning of all
these?” She asked us.Without even looking or
listening to her,I gave him a punch and he
staggered backward.With annoyances,He
returned the punch and I lost two front teeth
“My teeth ooo.My teeth have remove.” I started
“Look for my teeth ooo.”I held the guy by his
clothe and was seriously wailing
That was 12 years ago.Now we are best of
friends and am happy meeting him.The
celebration was hot as music keeps blaring
from our home threatre.
The thought of Sandra crept in my head and I
feel like calling her.Truly,it wasn’t her fault
after all.I picked my phone and attempt to dail
her number. After thinking for some seconds,I
decided to call her after the party and
apologize to her.Man gat to right his wrong
When I got home yesterday, I was unable to
sleep.I cried till I slept off.Its obvious am in
love with Femi and he loves me too but getting
married to him is impossible. My wedding with
Cole is scheduled for next month and am
already in love with another man.What on earth
is wrong with me?
The main challenge am facing is how to tell
Femi am getting married soon.I switched on my
laptop and search for Femi Adeyemi on
facebook.clicking on his name,I was surprised
realizing it was his birthday. I sent him a friend
request and wished him a happy birthday on
his timeline.I Opted against calling his number
and think it will be better to pay him a surprise
visit.I save his address which was in his profile
online and quickly dress up.
I got to the parlour and saw my Dad sitting on
the sofa.My home is a 12 rooms apartment with
3 parlours.It was painted Cream and White
with some flashy design.The master parlour is
as large as my school hall in Manchester.Aside
my Dad,stepmother and I,We have 3 cook,1
Gardner,a gateman,3 Drivers and 10 Security
men in the premises.My Room is the smallest
of all the rooms and I love it that way
“Where are you going to Sandra” My Dad
called out.I was already at the main door and
making my way outside the parlour.
“Dad,Good afternoon.Look at how big my dad’s
tommy is oo”i try joking a little to change the
“where really are you going to”He asked more
serious than the former.
“I want to visit a friend” I replied with my eyes
locked with his.Am sure he can’t hurt me.My
father have never raise his hand to touch me
before.Even though he might not be happy with
me right now,am sure he won’t do that.
“Sandra,you are getting married soon,Cole will
be here anytime soon and your attitude is not
just portraying your soon to be status.You need
to start behaving more ResponsibleThan
this.You know this wedding means a lot to me
than anything. I would not allow anything
destroy my soon to be fortune for me.Just be
more composed and ready” He said.I hate
when my father make his intension of selling
me out for a deal known.Cole is a nice guy but
I don’t love him.I had made up my mind to give
my all to make this relationship work.
“Dad,I never make mention of anything related
to not getting married or not ready to” I fired
back.We were the only one in the parlour and it
really give me the confidence to talk to him the
way I want
“Sandra, I am your father,and my words in this
house are final” He said with some authority of
“Dad,Am not saying I won’t get marry to
him.Am not a slave here.I go out anytime I feel
like and return whenever I want to with guards
or without. It is my choice Dad”I told him with
my voice raised up
“The next time you leave this house without a
guard,you will have yourself to blame.I won’t
take it lightly with you.And I mean every word.”
He said and picked a newspapers.That simply
means the discussion is over but am ready to
speak out even if it is just this once.I can never
be intimidated on this issue
“With due respect dad,I choose when and
when not to go out with guards.Am living more
like a Slave in my fathers house.I am not a
slave. I am your daughter. Your jewel.Its
obvious you love me dad.I want you to give me
the freedom.I deserve it dad” I said in a sober
“Do not leave this house without a guard” he
said emphasizing on the guard without raising
his head which is already buried in the paper.
“Am ashamed of you Dad.I regret ever knowing
you.Assuming my mother is still alive,this will
never have happened.I hate you Dad.” I
stormed out of the parlour into the comfort of
the Garrage.I started my small ride and drove
off without even waiting for my driver.
I was in the middle of the celebration when my
phone rang.I checked the caller and realize it
was Esther.
“Bae,How you dear” I asked
“Am OK and you” She asked
“Am fine”
“I called to tell you I will be in Lagos for the
wedding I told you about.I will be in Lagos on
Wednesday in my uncle’s place and will make
sure I check on you” She said.I was very
happy but try to subdue that.
“OK dear.looking forward to seeing you soon” I
replied “And make sure you bring something
ooo” I added
“OK dear.That place is noisy.What’s up”she
“Today is a friends birthday so we are
celebrating him”I answered already tired with
the discussion.
“Oh!!!Ennn…can you please send me………”I
quickly cut the call before she could finish
that.Am not ready to part with another airtime
for now.I smiled pleased with my recent victory
over Esther and move into the Parlour.The
parlour is now filled with around 35 people.
Some are playing WHOT,some LUDO,Some
just dancing and most drinking and catching
Fun.I walked up to Femi and congratulate him
again.He was happy
” Baba,mumsy don call you”I asked
“Yes now.She call me around 12 sef.Come see
as she dey trowey prayer for me” Femi answer
“Na sure person be that.” I answered.I wished
I have a mother also.I lost my mother some
years ago in a car accident.I love her a lot
even till now.My dad has numerously played
the part of my mother but he just can’t be a
perfect father and mother at the same time.I will
just say even with his obvious attempt,he was
a square peg in a round hole.
“Tife self talk say make I greet you” He told me.
“Oh!!!My wife remember me today.You know
say na me go marry your sister last last” I said
and quickly held his hands before he could
release a copy of Muhammed Ali’s punch into
my skull.Femi is the stronger of the three of
us.Even though he is more skinny than us,he
possessed some fighting ability that would
have make him a world champion assuming he
is a boxer
“Your papa” he said”Mad boy “he added.We
both burst into laughter
” Help me check who they door”I heard femi’s
“Leg they pain you shey?Birthday boy” I said
and gave him a punch on his right hand before
running to the doors direction.I opened the
door and met the shocker of my
life.Sandra,Femi’s crush and the girl we played
an expensive game on days ago was standing
right before me.I wished the ground can just
open and swallow me that very moment.
“She stare at me and within seconds,her
smiles gave way to surprise and then anger…
” You Whattttttttttttttt


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