Episode 7
I got home around 4pm in the afternoon and
our discussion keep ringing a bell in my ear.It
seems I just lost a priceless jewel.
“you got a fiance? “I asked in a low tone.even
though we were the only one in sight, I still
couldn’t talk the way I would have love to.
“Yea”she answered in a lower tone than mine. I
can see the love in her eyes.I can feel the
chemistry.All I want this moment is to just stand
up and walk away but it seem am glued to the
“how come?”I ask a stupid question
“His name is Joe.He is my dad’s friends son.its
an arranged relationship to secure their
business deal.”she told me.I was afraid and
worried.I have never love anyone the way I
love Sandra.All I want is this damsel sitting
beside me but if she has a fiancee,it means
one thing.I can never marry her
“do you love him?”I asked looking deep into
her sure there should be answers in
those already gloomy eyes.
“I dont love him.But am sure I will end up
loving him.i wished I have a choice.”she
replied.i wasn’t convinced.
“if you don’t love him, why are you doing this?
“I asked again.
“Am sorry,its my father’s wish.”she answered
with her head bow.i look at her with tears
already forming in my eyes.I stood up and she
did the same.she held my hands and stare
deep into my eyes.she obviously was also hurt
and pained.
“if I could make a wish, I will choose you over
him.I have never been so happy around
anyone as it has always been around you.You
are so special dear, and I mean that”she said
with tears already in her eyes.
“Thanks for those words.Say that to a fool like
you”i said and snatched my hand from her.I
stormed out of the bar and unknowingly was
already running.
“To hell with you Sandra. I hate you. I dont love
you”I shouted at no one in particular
I was already drifting off into the dream land
when i heard an intense knock on my door.i
stood up and make my way to the door. I
opened it and saw centino standing there.i
lazily walk back and lay down on my bed.
“how far guy”centino asked
“am ok bro”i answered
“You are not ok.what happened?”he asked
“where is chizzy”i asked trying to divert the
“he is with his girlfriend in his back to
my question,wats wrong.This in not the prince I
know oooooo”
“am fine man. Tanks “I replied
“Is this about Sandra?”He asked looking at
me.I nodded my head like a little kid who want
its mother
“You and Sandra are two different people.She
is rich and you are just average.You definitely
shouldn’t be in love with her.This might get us
all killed.just forget about her and move on”He
said with concern in his eyes.
“I will bro.Tanks”I replied
” What do you plan to do now”He asked
looking concerned.
“Am more confused.I love her a lot centi.I love
this girl too much”
“But she don’t love you.Does she?” he asked
“She does.She already got a fiancee
” Oh!”He snapped
“Whats your plan” He added
“I have to let go.Just that it will be difficult. I
love Sandra and really want her”
“Forget about her and move plenty for
river” He said and gave me a pat.
“thanks bro” I answered
“we are planning to club tonight.So get
dress.6:00pm we are leaving”I heard centino
voice.I gave a weak nod and he smiled which I
I took my car key and joined my friends and
Adebisi inside the car.Adebisi sat beside me
while centino and oluwafemi sat at the
passenger seats behind.”fooled again” by
westlife was blaring from my stereo and I keep
nodding at interval.Am a fan of westlife and
love their music so much.we got to love garden
and I parked my car in the only vacant
space.we walked in and sat down at a
corner.femi was unusually quiet and i
understand what he is going through.i ordered
for 2 Goldberg and a Smirnoff for my baby.Femi
ordered for Gulder while centino opted for
Star.we started gisting randomly from football to
celebrities.we talk more on politics and femi
was also indulge in our discussion even though
he was a little reserved.
“I forgot my small phone in the car sha”i said.I
took a cup of Goldberg again before going out.i
opened my car door and picked my
phone.immediately I shut the door,someone
closed my eyes from behind.
“who is that”i said after feeling the hands and
gently remove it.I was shocked when I saw
Augustina standing right before me.
“What are you doing here? “I asked her trying
to sound plain even though am scared.
“This is a public place and everybody visit
including me.Why that question?”she asked
looking offended.
“Am here with my cousin.The lady you saw that
day.”I replied
“Femi told me she is your sister and you are
telling me now that she is your cousin.what are
you guys up to?or is she your girlfriend?”she
asked me
“ are my only angel”i answered
“can I go and greet her then”she asked giving
me a suspicious look.This girl is a devil.She
will never give up on anything until you make
her happy.
“If you guys meet now,everybody at home will
know I have a girlfriend and I want to make this
a surprise package next month ni.relax,we are
visiting together.”I told her and gave her a
short kiss on her lips.
“okay.Can i have a privacy with you.You know
its been long now”she told me while giving me
her best smiles again.
I bring out my wallet and gave her some cash
“Book a room and send me the room number.i
will join you immediately you call me.I told her
and gave her a kiss again.she smiled and
entered into the reception.
“honey, what is wrong with you”I heard Adebisi
voice from behind immediately Augustina left.I
sigh feeling relieved.
“I just felt a slight headache.i will be fine.I told
her and gave her a short kiss.i was already
sweating and praying Augustina will not
“sorry dear.should we go home? “she asked
“Lets relax a little”i told phone rang and
it was Augustina
“Hello miss”i said in a more formal way.
“okay miss, I will join you now”the call went
dead but I keep pretending as if am still on the
“oh!Mr Dele is with you……. Mr Shola also….
Presently, am not with the proposal……. Am
sorry ma,i never knew I will be meeting you
here……… Okay ma……..bye ma”i pull the
phone away from my ear.
“you wont believe some of my boss are
here.they are in the VIP section and need my
“how long will you be there”she asked
“can’t say.but just want to say hello to them.will
be back soon sweetheart”i gave her a long kiss
and rushed into the other building to locate
room 46.
I didn’t bother knocking because am sure it will
be left ajar.What greeted my eyes was a
shocker.Augustina was unclad and was smiling
on the bed.her nipples was staring at me.i was
immediately swept off by the image before me
and I hurriedly joined her on the bed.We die


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