in the name of love part 6

Episode 6
I closed the door and signal to my friends to
move closer before opening it again.I don’t
know who I should hug first.Being the player
am known for,I try giving the game a trail.I
hugged Bisola very tight and did the same to
Augustina.My friends were already outside.I
pull Bisola inside while Centino hands were on
Augustina’s neck.He pull her outside and a
minute later was inside with a smile i
understood perfectly.He has taken care of her
in a good way.i sigh of relief as happiness
crept into me
“Who is she?”Bisi asked
“Femi’s friend”I answered already
sweating.Adebisi will never give up on any
question until she is fully convinced the answer
was right.especially when her relationship is at
“I observed you were tensed seeing us at the
door post. what are you hiding Chi”she asked
looking deep into my eyes.i could feel those
eyes invading my thoughts.i tried to be calm
and cool.
“She is my sister.She has been a little rude to
Chizzy lately,so they dont like themselves”femi
jumped in.
“how was your journey.Gist me joor”He added
while putting his right hand around her
neck.Bisi is not a girl to fall for just game.She
smiled and continue
“she was previously your friend femi,she is now
your sister.Am I this dumb?”she asked trying to
subdue the anger already aggravating in her.
“who mentioned friend”i asked trying to act
“maybe thats a mistake”i added
“I pray it is a mistake.I will kill you if my
suspicions become real”she announced.And
she mean that.the last time she threatened to
slap her younger sister,she gave her three
undiluted slap instead of one which she initially
I quickly meditate a psalm of David and made
the sign of the cross.I was quiet for some
minutes listening to the conversation between
my girlfriend and my friends.
“Now that we have a lady here,It will make
more sense we eat a good food”I heard
Centino Voice.
Did he just mention ‘Good food’ .If Adebisi
end of cooking dinner,i will not taste it to talk of
eating.Bisi is a girl raised with silver
much as I love her,the only challenge I keep
facing is her inability to cook.If bisi boil
water,the water will get burnt.The day I ate her
indomie,i almost died that fateful day.I ended
up nicknaming the noodles ‘River Niger
noodles’. With the inclusion of ingredients, it
look like an herb concoction.I squeezed my
face more than 50times but keep faking
smiles.that day, I promised myself never to
taste anything she prepared again including
She smiled and answered “I just got here
now.abeg,allow me rest”
“stand up joor, u will rest later”centino said
while dragging her up.
“okay, you won”she stood up smiling.inside
me,i knew my friends have made the greatest
mistake of the month.I made the cross sign and
watch as she make her way to the kitchen.I
said a silent prayer(baba God, no allow my
yawa gas out.allow make gas finish.make she
no see anything.make peeper enter her
eyes.make anything just happen to stop the
cooking.God I will pay tithes and offerings this
coming Sunday if you do it.I will join choir and
be the first to get to church).
I joined my friends in playing WHOT and after
one hour, no sound was coming from the
kitchen.i was silently praying something have
happened to stop the cooking.
Minutes later, I heard footsteps from the
kitchen.i was praying she wasnt planning to
come and serve the meal.
I look at her, she smiled and said “Husby, how
many MAGGI should I put in the Semovita”
When we got to the kitchen,it was in a great
mess.i made up my mind not to eat the food
and purposely excused myself.I was busy with
my phone when I got a message notification on
“Good morning dear”the message was from
“special sweetheart,how are you”i typed back
“My dad just got me seriously angry this
morning”she typed back with some Emojis of
“am sorry dear, where are you”i asked
“am heading to skyworld presently”she replied
“I will join you soon”i typed back and ended the
I was clad in a cream and black T-shirt on a
black jean.i put on a black canvas.i was
looking very hot after applying powder and
some lip gloss.I put on my ‘charity event
wristwatch’ and my sunglass.i picked a black
handkerchief from the numerous ones I have.i
combed my hair till I am satisfied.i make some
movement like a model trying to win a grand
price. Pleased with my appearance,i marched
out of my room like the way ‘The rock’ will
always do.i met my friends and Adebisi in the
parlour all glued to their phones.i guess the
earlier incident caused the tensed atmosphere.
“guys, I won fly commot”I announced
“where to”centino asked
“Got another special appointment”i said amid
“Sandra no go kill you”Chizzy said and we all
burst into laughter except Adebisi who is still
glued to her phone.
“Abeg, borrow me your perfume”i said turning
to Chizzy.
Have you ever tried Chizzy perfume before?
Its everlasting.the last time i use it,The scent
lasted 5days on me even after taking my bath
and changing clothes.the scent could be
perceived a kilometer away from me.He will
always boast its an Hausa perfume specially
made for him.
He stood up, make his way to his room and
seconds later was with the “hausa everlasting
perfume”i smiled on seeing it.He applied it on
me and I was smelling like a bread brought out
directly from the oven.Today na today
“Adebisi,i will see you later.just take care of my
friends”I said and gave her a peck.
“OK dear, Just be careful “she answered
without looking up.
I stormed out of the apartment with smiles when
I saw Chioma,one of my girlfriend outside.
“femi!!! “she shouted and jumped on me.
“Chi chi”i answered faking a smile
“how are you”she asked
“am always fine”.i wondered why she have to
show up this very moment.
“I missed you baby boo”she said while
checking me all over again
“same here dear”i said and added “I need to
check on my mum now, she is in the hospital”
“oh my God! Am very sorry about that.lets go
together “
It seems this girl Is mad.follow me to where
“Oga, if I slap ya destiny ennnn”i said angrily in
my mind
“dear, she is in abeokuta presently, dont
“I will follow you. I just need to see her and be
sure she is know she is my mother-in-
law “she answered with sadness written boldly
on her face
“Bae, I wont stay long. Go home and pray she
is fine.Just wish me safe journey and keep me
in mind”i said with a note of finality and gave
her a short kiss. That did the magic, she smiled
and touch my cheek.
“I will call regards to her”she said,still
rooted to the spot and gave me a short wave.i
flagged down a bike and off to skyworld suite.
I got to skyworld suite within 10minutes.I paid
the bike man and adjusted my shade
again.Two bouncers were at the gate and we
exchange pleasantries due to my constant
visitation months ago. Skyworld suite is a world
on its was painted with cream colour and
some touches of white.the gateman post was a
small room which is situated right beside the
gate.the compound is huge with swimming pool
and exotic bar.The VIP section has been a
mystery to me because I haven’t been
privileged to visit it.I look round the bar and
she was not anywhere in sight.I called her line
and she told me to meet her in the VIP
section.I make my way there with full
happiness.I saw two of her guards at the
entrance of her own segment
“amante,Good morning “I greeted
“pardon.Whats that? “she asked visibly
I giggled and sat down beside her.
“what did you call me now”she asked
again,this time with smiles.
“Amante”i answered enjoying the look on her
“what’s the meaning”she asked
“it means my lover. That’s a Spanish word I
have to pick just because of you alone”i said
and she smiled
“You are such a good and great company.i
lobe it around you.Its always wonderful.Thanks
for always being there for me”she said and
gave me that look again.that look has always
melt my heart.
“if you keep looking me like this, I will end up
kissing you”i announced with my hands raised
“you dare not”she answered and hit me
“Another reason to kiss you more
passionately”I said while standing up and
moving closer to her.She jumped up and ran a
few metres before is becoming more
fun and am enjoying every bit of it.I picked a
chair pillow from the long chair we both sat on
and threw it at her.She dodged it,picked it and
did the same.around a minute later, we were
both tired.She looked at me, smile and sat
down still breathing heavily.I sat down beside
her and calmly allow the air conditional to do its
“Tell me about yourself”i said. Of a truth,i never
knew when I said that.
“what do you want to know “she asked still
“everything about you “I answered,putting my
legs on the chair and supporting my chin with
my hands.she gave me a soft punch and I held
it as if I was being shot. She started laughing
“common, be serious for once now”she said
still laughing seriously
“you really make me forget I was sad some
couples of minutes ago.thanks a lot dear”she
“you are welcome “I replied
“about you again”i said faking a frown
“am the only child of my 23yrs.a
graduate of University of a
communicator”she said.
“am oluwafemi.i have a younger sister and a
graduate of moshood abiola polythecnic,S.l.T”i
“where do you work”she asked
“I dont work”
“be sincere now, what really do you do”she
asked making the atmosphere tensed.
“Am a Gee”I announced
“you mean General Manager”she asked
“Yahoo boy”I answered
She was shocked and surprised.
“common, you are better than that.I will help
you secure a better Job. But promise me you
will stop that rubbish you are doing”.It was
difficult but there is nothing I cant do for
Sandra.I love Sandra too much and will always
do anything to make her happy
“I promised on my life”I said putting a finger,
placing it on my tongue and raising it to the
“thats my best friend “she said with a wink
“who is the most important person to you dear”i
asked thinking I will be having a chance to
express my feelings.i knew she is enjoying my
company and I believe this is the Best moment
to make her mine
“My fiance”She announced


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