in the name of love part 5


Episode 5
I woke up the next day feeling tired I knew I
have something important to attend to
today,but sincerely,i just cant remember what
exactly.I moved to the toilet to ease myself.i
switched on the shower without even allowing
the water to touch me.Like a confused person,
I switched it off again and walk inside my
room.I took a mirror and look at my face,my
injuries are yet to be healed completely.I
cursed Femi inwardly and drop the
mirror.Immediately,Like a flash, it rushed into
my head.How did I manage to forget?My
girlfriend will be spending the weekend with
me.I quickly picked my phone and dailed her
I was woken up by my Dad’s call.I turned from
side to side lazily before picking the call at the
second ring.
“Good morning Dad”I said,rubbing my sleepy
“Morning Jewel.Join me in the Gym now.Its
important”He said
“Dad, its just 8:30am,am still sleeping.I will join
you when am awake”I answered with close
“Common Jewel,I need you urgently”
“Okay dad”I said before dropping the call.I
grumbled a little before getting out of bed.I
wore a pink slippers and walk out of my room
without even brushing my teeth or changing my
night gown.I got to the gym house and saw my
Dad and Stepmother working out in the
gym.Four bodyguards are also in the room.I
Walked up to them and kissed them on their
“Jewel,No Greeting today? “My dad asked in
his teasing voice
“Dad, am sure you were the same person I
greeted on phone not up to five minutes ago “I
answered,sitting down on a huge stool and
collected a cup of coffee from one of the guard.
He smiled without looking at my face.My father
is a tall Man with a good body that could be
passed for a model.He is dark and
handsome.Even at 53years,He still look 30.He
seldom smile.But when he does,his teeth
compliment his physic which make him
irresistible to even young ladies.In my early
years,I have seen him with younger ladies and
i understand they will always hang around him.
My step mother is an opposite of my earlier
description of my father.She is of average
height with an overbleached skin.Her make up
are always odd and just like my dad, she hardly
smile.She hasn’t given birth which gave me the
conclusion she is barren but Dad love her
alot.Being the father’s pet,i have learn to love
whatsoever my father love.Since I came back
from Manchester,My step mother and I hardly
talk.With the information I gathered, their union
is just 5years now.
“I heard you left this house without a
bodyguard yesterday and a day before.Give
me a good reason why you shouldn’t be
scolded now”He asked frowning
“Am a mature Lady.A good reason why you
wont touch me”I answered with a smile.One
thing my father love most about me is my smile
and I use it in capturing him in most cases
“Sandra,Please,dont ever leave this house
again without a bodyguard.This is Nigeria”He
said with a frown which makes him look ugly
and irritating.
“Dad, am not a kid and can never be a slave in
my father’s house.Its my choice.i will decide to
go out with guards or not to”I answered with my
voice raised.My father hardly call me by my
real name and whenever he call my real name,
I knew for sure he is angry.
“Sandra, this topic is closed.Dont leave this
house without a guard”He said with an air of
authority.I love my dad and his words a lot but
I hate guards.I was lost of words.My
stepmother was just staring,i guess also
confused.My phone rang and I excused myself
to pick it
“Hello Dear”I said with excitement
“My one and only husby”She answered in her
ever jovial voice.Adebisi is the daughter a
Soldier and they are very rich.She most time
send money to me.she is a spoilt brat but very
fun being with.
“where are you dear”I asked
“I am on my way to your place.I just got to
Iyana Isolo”She said in her ever lively voice
“OK, am home.My friends and I are expecting
you”I said and she laughed
“Will join you soon lover boy”
“Love you baby”I said and ended the call.I
quickly rush to the parlour and saw Femi and
Centino playing Ps2
“Guys,Bisi go soon land o.She don almost
reach here.Make una help me arrange house
small biko”I said with pleading eyes.One thing
I love most about my friends is the
cooperation.They stopped the game and joined
me in arranging the parlour and kitchen.Some
minutes later, the whole place look more clean
than Aso Rock.We all sat down in the parlour
expecting our Special Guest,or better still,My
love.Minutes later, We heard a knock on the
door.I rushed to the door to open it and saw
Adebisi and Augustina there.Augustina was
one of the girls I f**ked at will around my
place.I have been avoiding her lately and
seeing her beside my girlfriend now should be
included in 1000 ways to die .I almost fainted
seeing both of them smiling at me.Just wished
the trumpet can sound now.I mean right now

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