in the name of love

My phone rang the second time and I quickly
check the caller.Esther,my blind date is the
one calling me.I picked the call at the next ring
“mummy, what’s up”I asked with a normal tone
“Sweetheart,am not fine joor”She answered
and uncounciously,i was already anxious.
“Baby,what exactly happened?”I asked trying
to suppress my anxiety.
“Is it not you I am missing ni?You know I love
you so much and cannot do without you.”she
replied and I blushed a little.I gave a weak
smile.”I should be in Lagos on Friday”She
replied and my soul jumped up to the
“That’s great news dear.I will be expecting
you”I answered without giving out any
excitement for fear of my ‘terrorist’ friends
“But dear,my transportation fare Is the issue
oo”she said with a weak voice.Is this one mad
ni?i reasoned.
“I will send it to you on Wednesday.Trust me”I
replied and she started calling me some pet
names.I was blushing till she ended the
call.the thought of seeing Esther alone
supersedes any other other.
Here you come my blind date
The idea of picking Cole at the airport is not as
interesting as it use to be in years past.I
grumbled at the idea and walk into the parlour
“Dad,What if my driver pick him?”I asked with
an annoying tone and never attempt to hide the
fact am not interested in picking him.
“Jewel,I don’t understand you lately,Your
attitude anytime I mention Cole’s name in this
house is becoming alarming.What really is
wrong with you”He asked with a confused look
on his face.
“Dad, nothing is wrong.Just wanna relax “I
replied with anger still in my tone.
“If nothing is wrong,you did better find your
way to the airport before its too late”He replied
with the same air of authority I am used
to.Althought,i wasn’t afraid or perplexed like
other times,still i decided to obey the instruction
with any further grumbles.
“I think you haven’t forgotten you wedding is
scheduled for last Saturday of next month”He
said with his eyes glued on his tab.
“Thanks for the reminder.I was there when the
date was fixed. And still,its my choice to decide
if its best to continue the preparation or not”I
answered with anger now boiling in me.
“The date is fixed and the wedding must hold
whether you like it or not”He said and drank
from the cup of coffee before him.I wanted to
say something but I decided against it.I met
Frank outside and he drove me down to the
The journey to the airport was more strenuous
than my initial thought.The traffic holdup was
way too much that I slept off the car.I jolted up
later and realized we are already closer to the
airport.I hissed aloud as the thought of getting
married to someone I don’t love that
much.Meeting Femi has neutralized all my
feeling for Cole and till this moment,am
confused on my choice.We got into the airport
and I saw Cole standing in a corner,pressing
his phone and angry murmuring some words.I
got down from the car and walk toward him with
a fake smile and a calm face.Meeting your
fiancee after some times,I believe the attitude
should be positive,no matter what.
I tap him from behind and gave him a hug
immediately he turned to face me.
He shrugged and show his disinterest in the
“Why are you just coming to pick me”He asked
with an angry tone.
“The traffic jam was way too much.Am very
sorry dear”I replied trying to be calm.
“Are you telling me you have been in a traffic
jam for over 3hours?”He asked and I can see
his muscle flex some more while his tone and
anger gradually increases.
“Am very sorry for this.please forgive me”I
answered trying to suppress my own
anger.Cole is a guy with a bad temperament
but one thing about him is that he has never
raised his hand to beat or slap me before.I tried
holding him and he pushed me away
“But I already told you am sorry now.please,try
to understand me”I answered with a lower tone
“You are very crazy for that.I mean you are
stupid and foolish.The next time you delay me
like this in any situation,you might hate me
forever”He added and uncounciously,am
already loosing my temper.I felt Cole is taking
things too much.After all the pleading,he is still
playing the ‘God’s part’
“Cole,What exactly is your problem?I
explained things to you and you are still
speaking to me as if i am a kid or your last
born.What on earth should I say after ‘I am
sorry’ again?”I asked with a raised voice.
“Do you just raise your voice on me?”He asked
with clinched fist.His clinched fist are not in any
way a source of fear to me.For the first time,I
was able to observe him.He was claded in a
yellow top with the inscription ‘Time is Money’.
He wore a black fancy jean and also a gold
bangles on his right hand.A gold wrist watch
dangle on his other hand.His chain also match
his wristwatch.His black shoe was a perfect
match to his dressing as his jean stood
perfectly on the shoe.The shoe got some strips
of white and red with a golden lace.His white
handkerchief hung on his neck as his neatly
shaved hair was also to be complimented.I
hissed when i realized he is more handsome
and socialized than Femi.
“Please can we go now”I asked and turn to
leave.He drew me back and I was surprised
his once soft and amazing touch was rough
and unwelcoming to my skin
“What’s all this rubbish now?”I asked in
anger.And before I could say or do anything
else,a rough and unpleasant slap landed on
my cheek.

Chamberlord, the man who became known as
“Chamber” (“Shorty”), certainly looks
unassuming: 5’6” tall, middle aged, average
looks. But his unremarkable appearance is
deceptive.chamberlord is the kingpin of the
Sonia Cartel, the source of the largest
percentage of drugs imported into the United
States every year: cocaine, marijuana,
methamphetamine, and heroin, all delivered by
the ton through elaborate land and air
distribution channels.
Chamberlord seemed fated for the drug trade.
His uncle was one of the original Mexican drug
smugglers, and he was soon involved in the
family business. He rose to prominence in the
cartel quickly, as internecine fighting claimed
rivals both within the cartel and without. In
2012, violating a pact between cartels,
Chamberlord ordered an assassination that
spurred what has come to be referred to as the
Mexican Drug War. This conflict between
cartels has resulted in over 60,000 deaths and
12,000 kidnappings. Along the
way,Chamberlord has become a billionaire and
one of the most powerful men in the world.He
has been to different countries and currently
cut all ties with England after almost getting
caught months ago.It has been difficult to
arrest him because his identity and real name
were hidden behind lot of names.His real name
is Fred Cole
I decided to play some games on our
PlayStation when we got home in the
evening.Segun didn’t follow us home with the
excuse of missing his home also and needed to
relax for tomorrow.He excused himself much to
my own relief.I played the game alone for some
minutes before centino joined me in
playing.After beating him two consecutive
time,he humbly drop the joystick with the threat
of beating me up some other time.The thought
of Adebisi stung my heart again.I logged on
into whatsapp only to realize she haven’t even
read my messages.
I dialed her number again and it was still not
going.Right there,i knew something was
wrong.Adebisi line is always on most of the
time.Adebisi will never do without hearing from
me in a day, especially when she just left my
place.I decided not to call her brother line and
calmly strolled into the kitchen to prepare
Rice.Unlike Bisi,I am a better cook even
though Femi is better than me still,my cooking
is more mature and always delicious.
I logged in into facebook and saw lot of
updates that fascinate me.A news bumped in
from Naijaapikin with the Heading “Tiwa
salvage and Wizkid get going in their new love
“Lover boy.Hope you are hearing from
Bisi?”Sentino asked(Want to change the C in
the name to S for some reasons) glued to his
“Baba,her line hasn’t been available since
yesterday o and am seriously confused”
“Call her brother now.Use style ask am”he
said,still not looking up at all.
“Baba,What if she never reach house?”I asked
still feeling uncomfortable with the thought.
“She go don reach house joor.Call her. “
I dialed his brother’s number and he picked up
“Sir Biodun,Good evening sir”I said,trying very
hard to sound calm and lively even though am
“Who is on the line please”He asked and a
faint smile escaped my lips.I am used to
hearing such questions from him and am not
“Its femi sir”I answered
“Which Femi? “He asked again and I sigh
deeply.My brain went blank immediately and I
try hard to remember which femi I was.I ended
up believing he had lot of people he
communicate with daily or better still,his
contact memory might be full for him not to
save my contact for over two years now.
“I am femi.Adebisi friend”I replied.already
frustrated with the questions.
“oh!!! Padi mi.How are you”He said with a
voice of excitement.
“am fine sir and you”I asks feeling relax
“Am ok.and least I forget,when did you
become my kid sister’s friend?Because the last
time I checked,she was your girlfriend”He said
with the same excitement.We both burst into
“Bisi told me she is coming over to your
place.She promised to be back yesterday but
she I haven’t seen her and her number is
unavailable”He let out those words as if in a
rush to vomit them before they got beaten back
into his throat.My head felt empty that very
moment.My throat went dry and my body
system changed immediately.
“Hello!!!Are you still there?”I heard his voice
from the other end.He sounds nervous and
worried and I quickly crack my brain for the
best lie I can pick in my locker this moment.
“yes sir.I am here sir.What did you say sir”I
asked with a shaky voice and that immediately
send a signal to Sentino about the current
“Bisi is not yet home.Is my sister ok?”He
asked with a raised voice.
“Yes sir.She is.She told me she wanted to
greet a friend around and her phone has been
off since yesterday sir.”I lied
“Are you sure”He asked
“Yes sir,I am.I will call you back when I am in
touch with her sir”I said and ended the
call.Different thought of my current dilemma
flows in my head.Fear of what might have
happened or what will still happen invaded my
“bro,whats up”Sentino asked
“She is not yet home.Since yesterday baba,
since yesterday”I said sinking into one of the
two single sofa in our parlour.Mt heart, I guess
was beating in my mouth that very moment and
the thought of what her father will do if he
should find out invaded my disturbed brain.
“Sentino,Am dead”.I added almost running
mad with the thoughts running through my
“Did she plan to visit anyone around”Sentino
“Lai Lai.I know her to well.If she plan to visit
anybody, she would have informed
me.Something is wrong with Bisi”I said and
uncounciously put my hands on my
head.Adebisi father is a Soldier,A major
General for that matter.Deep down I knew the
end has come.



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