Episode 11
The bike stopped in front of Prince Miyise
hospital around 8:30pm and I hurriedly move
toward the building with my heartbeat
accelerating.Prince Miyise hospital is one of
the biggest hospital in Abeokuta situated at
Olorunsogo area.It is a one storey building
painted blue and white.I said a word of prayer
and push the glass door open.I stood at the
door post for close to three seconds before I
sighted my sister sleeping with her head in her
left hand and her other hand on lap.i walk
briskly toward her and her a short tap and she
woke up immediately.
“Bro femi.When did you get here”She asked
“Just now.How is Mumsy doing?And what
exactly happened?”I asked.of a truth,i have
more questions than those two to asked but I
just need to take things easy.The reception
was brightly filled with light and this make it
possible to see my sister’s swollen eyes.
“Doctor said mum is not feeding well.I think
she is OK now sha”She answered with a faint
smiles. My phone rang and I picked it.I spoke
with centino and was sincerely surprised when
I heard they were already in abeokuta.I gave
them a perfect description to the hospital and
make my way to see the doctor.He gave me
some little advice on what my mom should eat
and what she should avoid.and after what
looks like eternity,I was allowed to see my
My mom was sleeping when I got to her
temporary room. I sat down beside her as the
memories of the past few days between Sandra
and I keep ringing in my head.A message
beeped on my phone and I immediately check
the content of the message.i smiled when I
realized the message is from Sandra.I gave her
a call immediately and we spoke for some
minutes and gave her details of what
My friends strolled in alongside my sister some
minutes after I ended the call and I gave them
a hug.Truly,they have been there when I
needed them most.My mum woke up and I
quickly hug her.They took turn in greeting her
and she calmly appreciate our presence.We
excused ourselves after some minutes and
strolled outside.
I sat down on a vacant chair and they all sat
down beside me and we gisted randomly till we
settle on football
“I swear,madrid don finish”chizzy said “look at
the way Barcelona destroy their
destiny”Everyone burst into laughter.
“Even Suarez wey no no pass make hin dey
bite score hatrick.Nawa ooooooo”centino
“I swear,na the main reason why ororo and
zidane run commot be that.They no say Madrid
don finish.they Kukuma pack their load
commot”chizzy added
“but guys”I called out in a more polished
english than theirs”dont you think Messi might
hijack this year world best from Ronaldo?”I
asked no one in particular
“If I hear”chizzy jumped in. “Na our G.O.AT go
win am again”He said with full confidence
“Which one be goat again now?”Centino
added.It was obvious that he was surprise that
a footballer could be referred to a goat in such
“Mumu,G.O.A.T means greatest of all
time”chizzy said and I quickly added that toy
“please,what happened to arsenal during the
weekend o”segun asked and everyone
including me burst into laughter.Arsenal is my
favorite club and that is why most people make
jest of me anytime they got beaten.
“baba, we na draw we play now”I answered
with some sense of pride.I have been making
mouth that no club will escape the whipping of
Arsenal in all competition this season”
“That Mustafi na ewu”segun added and
everyone burst into another round of laughter.
“Two penalty against arsenal”chizzy added
Una see that xhaka free kick?”I asked with
pride.Stood up and showcase how the guy
played the free kick and also his jubilation.we
keep discussing till past 10 and they decided to
go home to relax after getting something to eat
in a nearby canteen.I decided to sleep in the
hospital with my sister.We ate indomie and egg
together and slept on the floor.Birthday turned
slapday, turned panickday,turn rushday and
finally settle on thinkingday.soon,i was in a
dream land……….
It was a Sunday morning.I woke up feeling
very tired and weak.I check the time on my
phone and realized its just some minutes past
7.I took my phone and logged into whatsapp to
be update my status and chat if possible.A
message bump in from Augustina and I
smiled.We chatted some more minutes and I
ended the chat.
I strolled through my contact,not really sure of
what am looking for.I saw a familiar
contact,Adebisi baby.Yes Adebisi, that reminds
me, we haven’t talked since yesterday.I dialed
her number but it was switched off.I sent her a
message on both whatsapp and her number
and drop my phone.A call came in immediately
and I picked it after confirming the identity of
the caller.
“Hello boss”I shouted into the phone.I saw
segun rolled on the only available chair in the
parlour.I smiled realizing my noise has propel
the movement.
“Chairman”Femi replied from the other
end.”How was your night rest”He asked and
gave a long yawn.
“It was OK baba.Just that bedbugs no allow
eye close oo”I answered and gave a weak
laughter.I know what next femi is going to say
and I am looking forward to that.
“Mumu,the day I slept in your mum’s place,no
be mosquitoes and bedbugs finish me that
day? Ewu gambia”He said and I burst into
“Ewu Nigeria”I replied”When are you coming
home joor”I asked
“soon”he replied”make una enter kitchen cook
oo.Bolu talk say food dey”he added.that was
when I heard a loud rumble in my stomach.The
Hunger that spread within me that moment was
too much to bear and I calmly salivate for a real
food after days of buying food outside.
“ok bro,we are expecting you”I added.I ended
the call and move to the kitchen to cook.I
prepared beans and bought bread outside.My
friends,one after the other woke up and we all
ate the food without even brushing our teeth
(Oyinbo talk say brush your teeth once
time is indicated).
Femi joined us later in the after with mum and
bolu.we all catch lot of fun and decided to go
back home except for femi that was expected
to stay with his just discharged mother for some
days.I gave Boluwatife two thousand naira and
centino gave her three thousand naira.We left
after more gists



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