in the name of love part 10

Episode 10
I rushed in and saw my mum lying flat on the
floor.She was breathing faintly and holding on
to the bedsheet with clenched hands.She
wasn’t moving again but her faint breath and
her clenched fist gave me a little hope of her
still being alive.I held to her hands not sure of
what next to do.I quickly dialed my senior
brother’s number to break the news to him.He
picked it at the first ringing with a smiling voice
“Small mummy, what’s up”He asked “What
happened?”He quickly added when he heard
my silent sobbing instead of a jovial answer.
“I saw mum almost dying home now.Am
planning to rush her to the hospital”I replied
and started crying again
“what exactly happened? Tell me nothing
happened to my mum? “He asked with a shaky
“Just come home.I am taking her to Prince
Miyise Hospital”I added and ended the call.I
rushed outside and call baba onigi and
together, we rushed my mum to the hospital
with the help of a cab.
We got to the hospital some minutes later and
my mum was being rushed into a room with a
doctor and two nurses.A tall, busty and fair
lady followed them and I pray everything is
I sat down sobbing silently, hoping nothing bad
happen to my mum.
The news from my sister knocked me down like
a trailer crushing a can.I jumped up
immediately and put on my shirt
“What happened?”Sandra asked really
surprised by the turn of event
“My mum is reported close to death.I need to
get to abeokuta right now”I told her while
picking my wallet on the only plastic chair in my
room.I picked my phone on the bed and my
earphone.I was pulled back by Sandra as she
held my hands as if it means everything to her.
“Sandra, I need to go now “I told her in a soft
“I understand you but you need to be calm.If
you should rush out this way, it will be
dangerous for you.its 5pm already and your
haste can cause more harms. She is already in
the hospital,lets pray for her and wish she will
be fine.”she concluded her speech.for some
seconds, it seems am unable to hear her. Then
the words started making meaning to my ear.
“Do you realize its my mother I speak of
here?”I asked with anger again.if there is
something I need to learn how to control, it’s
my anger.I ended up concluding it’s a family
trait after my mother explained how much father
will do things out of angers.
“I understand.Just please relax a little.she will
be fine”she told me with pleading eyes.
“Nobody can force me to spend a minute more
here. The only person I cherish most in this
world is dying and you want me to spend the
night at home.I would rather die on my way
than spend a night more here”I told her and
she gave a deep sigh.
“OK. Give me your account number so I can
make a transfer to you.I believe you will need
the money.”she told me and I obliged.I
received an alert of #200,000 and
unconsciously, I was already kissing her.
Money can do all things.
I broke the kiss and rushed out of the room
after promising to call her immediately I set my
eyes on her.
I got to the parlour and everyone were
surprised to see me with a gloomy face.Without
saying anything to anyone, I rushed out of our
apartment and picked a bike to Ejigbo bus
stop. I have to wait for over 30mins before the
bus going to iyana ipaja could be full.deep in
my thought,i hated today.
I sat down beside a tall lanky man with my
hands buried in between my hands.All I just
wanted is my mum being alive.I dialed my
brothers number again and it was busy.i sat
down feeling lonely and hurt,still I keep praying
for her survival.
Over 30 minutes later,the doctor came out and
I rushed to meet him
“Doctor, what happened to her”I asked with a
shaky voice
“She Will be fine.her choice of nutrition Is what
causes the shut down in her system.if not that
you brought her immediately,she might lost her
“Thank you Doctor.God Will bless you.Are you
sure nothing Will happen to my mum?”I asked
again.The doctor smiled, obviously seeing how
tensed I was
“By God’s grace,she Will be fine.Besides,we
Will have to stop every other medications until
you pay the bill.”he said
I called my brother again and explain
everything to him.he told me he is on his way
and I patiently waited for him.Or so I think until
sleep crept in.
The way Femi stormed out of the house brought
an instant end to the party.I quickly gave him a
chase but was disappointed when I saw him on
a bike.i move inside and saw everyone
murmuring some inaudible words.
“u sure say that girl no hit am jazz?”I heard
segun’s voice.i turn around and saw him right
behind me.
“the girl matter no dey inside this level
jawe.Something is wrong somewhere”i told him
“Oga, fear ladies ooo.Nothing wey dem no fit
do”He said sarcastically.
“I swear, I go kill that girl if she do femi
anything”i added and walk toward Femi’s
room.I turned to look at others and they all
gave me a positive response with their
head.Truly,i need to go in.I raised my hand to
knock on the door but was shocked when the
door flew open.
Of a truth, Sandra is the most beautiful girl I
have ever seen.She stood at just 5’5 foot and
got a curvy shape.Her eyes blink at interval like
a cartoon character and her eyebrows looks
complimenting.Her lips are calling and
tempting.Standing before me, the lips just
parted a little bit and that alone keep inviting
me for a feast.her boobs stood firmly on her
chest and for close to a minute, I keep staring
at the angel before me.still,i knew deep down
all this belongs to a friend, and am not
permitted anything near.
“What happened to femi”I heard centino voice
from behind.i look back and realize everyone
are now around us.
“He received a call that his mother is dying.He
is on his way to abeokuta.”she said
Fear gripped me immediately.The two people
femi never jokes with are his immediately
“what really happened?”I asked trying to hide
my fear”
“I don’t really know,but it seems his mother
fainted or collapse”
The news hit me like a log of tree.i saw segun
sit down with his hand supporting his cheek.
Sandra sat down on the only single sofa on the
room and I sat on its edge.
“it seems you are his friend right”She asked
looking at me.I tried avoiding any direct contact
with her eyeballs and just keep my stare on my
“we are really close.we are best of friends here
and we discuss most issues”I answered
“Did he tell you anything about me “She asked
“We discuss all issues including you.He loves
you so much and wished you both are
compatible”She answered “Do you love him”I
asked already beaming with confidence.She
sigh and look away.I stare at her wondering
what she is trying to battle inside of her.she
was playing with her wristwatch and wore a sad
“Its okay if you don’t wanna talk about it.I
shouldn’t have asked”I said trying to hold her
hands.She allowed me to and look into my
eyes.for more than 30secs,i keep staring at
her.I heard a cough and quickly look up only to
realize that almost everyone were listening to
our conversation and staring at us.I stood up
shabily and sheepishly walk up to Adebisi.
“You will have to go home today.I have to join
femi at abeokuta today.he needs us and we
have to spend sometimes around him and his
mum.I just pray nothing happens to her “I told
Bisi and she nodded with understanding.I gave
her a short kiss and hurried in to pick my
bag.Centino and segun also joined me and
within minutes, the parlour is already half
empty.I picked my car key and I drove off after
locking the door.I dropped Bisi at iyana ipaja
and make my way to Abeokuta



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