episode 19
Ayorkor went about her duty with smiles. It was a perfect day for her. Doctor Anderson played along. He didn’t want to be an enemy of progress to Ayorkor. The young lady’s mind was like a stagnant water. It neither went forward or backwards. The day ended well as was expected. Steve drove his boss home.
During the weekend, Ayorkor fulfilled her promise to Amerley. She attended the birthday party. Ayorkor upon getting to the home of the little girl, was amazed and thrilled at the same time. The setup and decorations was perfect. One could think it was a wedding reception but it was Amerley’s birthday party. Amerley and her father rushed to welcome Ayorkor immediately her car entered the house.
Amerley hugged Ayorkor when she got down from her car. Steve remained in the car but Ayorkor told him to get down and join the party. Amerley’s father asked Ayorkor who Steve was and she disclosed that he was his driver.
“good one there. You finally headed to my advise. As I promised, I am putting him on my pay list. I don’t know how much he requested as his remuneration though, I will give him Two thousand Ghana cedis” Amerley’s father said with a giggle. Steve heard everything and was amazed. He wondered what Ayorkor had done for that family
“must you worry your head over me?” Ayorkor asked
“yes! Yes and yes again! You saved my only daughter and child. You and your colleagues don’t want to accept my offer to take you to Dubai for shopping. You always have an excuse. You don’t have to reject this offer. In fact, you have no say or option. Your driver’s salary is on me” Amerley’s father said to her.
It was loud and clear in the ears of Steve. Ayorkor turned to Steve and saw a broad smile across his cheeks. She shook his head in amazement and said
“Steve, I guess you heard everything. Your salary has shot up to two thousand Ghana cedis. I won’t hesitate to sack you if you mess up with me” they all giggled.
Amerley’s father led them to a table but Amerley pleaded with Ayorkor to join her at the high table. She had no option than to heed to the little girl’s plea. She joined her. Steve joined some guys at a table to join the fun. He was amazed to know the party was for the seven year old girl.
Food and drinks was in excess. There were so many meat joints. The pork joint had the longest queue. The goat meat joint had it’s own queue. The cow meat joint was not exempted. There was bush meat joint too. Ice cream joints and so many joints that were served for free.
Ayorkor pictured the event in her mind. Especially the violet and white decorations. She wanted the same thing on her wedding day. When the party was over, Ayorkor gave Amerley a big present. The little girl unwrapped the parcel in front of Ayorkor. It was a beautiful white and violet teddy bear. Amerley told Ayorkor that of all the gifts she had received that evening, her own was the best. Ayorkor hugged Amerley for appreciating her gift. Amerley almost shed tears when Ayorkor entered her car.
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Ayorkor promised to take Amerley to her house to have fun whenever she was less busy. Amerley felt happy with the news. Steve drove out of the house.
On their way back to Ayorkor’s house, she disclosed to the driver that the decoration was perfect and would want the place for her wedding reception to have the same decorations. The driver focused on the road. He pretended to have heard nothing. Ayorkor was not perturbed. She rattled on and on, how she wanted her wedding to be like. She was in a world of her own though she wasn’t drunk.
She was dropped in the house and Steve drove out of the house with the orders of his madam.
Few days later, Steve got to know doctor Aaron through his madam. Though Steve liked the young doctor when they met, there was something about him he felt was sinister. He felt the young man had something under his sleeves that would hurt his madam in the near future but her mind was made up on love and profession and nothing could change it. He had to sit back and watch his madam suffer and learn her lessons the hard way.
One Saturday afternoon, Ayorkor as usual was enjoying her stories when she heard a car horn in the compound. She shifted the window curtains and peeped through. It was Aaron’s car. She delightedly rushed down stairs and came out to meet him with a hug. Edem was with him. She took them indoor and offered them drinks and water.
To her surprise, Aaron disclosed that he was taken her to see his parents. Though she was thrilled with the idea, she tried to protest but Aaron told her she had no option. She reluctantly went to her bedroom to change into something better. He joined them and Aaron took her to his parents residence at Tema
Aaron’s parent’s received them warmly. Aaron later disclosed to his parent that Ayorkor was the lady he had been talking about. Aaron’s mother was more than delighted because for the first time, her son had presented to them the lady he wants to marry. Ayorkor was received into the family with much love.
Aaron’s father showed appreciation to the young lady for accepting to marry their son. They pleaded with her to have patience with him no matter how bad he was. Ayorkor with much delight also showed appreciation to Aaron’s family for accepting her into the family. They had a lot of talks till food was served. They had fun till late in the evening.
Aaron promised to send his parents to see Ayorkor’s parents when they were ready. The old folks told their son to hurry with the marriage plans because they were dying to touch their grandchildren. Aaron drove out of his parent’s house. He dropped Ayorkor at her home and drove out.
A few minutes after Ayorkor had taken her shower, her phone message tone beeped. She smiled because she knew it was a message from her one and only Aaron. She guessed wrongly. She frowned after reading the message. It was a message from an unknown number
If you love your life, stay away from Aaron.
There’s no need for you to know who i am.
This is a warning you don’t have to take
Lightly. Your death is in a few days if
You continue with Aaron. Don’t say i
Didn’t warn you. Don’t dare show this
Message to Aaron. I am closer to you than
You can imagine. JUST STAY AWAY!!!
It’s getting hotter and hotter
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Ayorkor… Love and profession


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