ayorkor part 18

episode 18
Ayorkor told her colleague about the little girl’s birthday party and asked him to accompany her but doctor Anderson disclosed that he had an outing to do with his family after church on that Sunday which was the party. Ayorkor understood him. Ayorkor had worked with doctor Anderson for more than twelve months and therefore knew him like her palm. When it comes to his family, he doesn’t joke with them. He was a perfect family man. She most often wished he was her husband.
Ayorkor got out of the office that day after work to see Doctor Aaron’s car parked beside her own with the young man waiting patiently in the car. She got closer and waved at him. She realised there was another guy in the car. She was greeted with a smile that almost carried her away.
“you should have alerted me when you came” Ayorkor said leaning on the window after greeting the two men.
“it’s a surprise call on you. Please get into the car. We need to talk. I can’t wait for next weekend. I as well want to introduce you to some of my friends” he disclosed.
“oh really? No problem. Let me talk to my driver and get back to you” she said and without waiting for his response, left him and went to talk to Steve.
She told him to take the car home. She pleaded with him to pick her early the following day. Steve told his boss not to worry because he would always pick her on time. Ayorkor left him and he drove out of the hospital.
Ayorkor joined doctor Aaron and his friend in the car and they as well drove off. Doctor Aaron drove to a cool joint they could sit, relax, have fun and talk. At the joint, doctor Aaron introduced his friend to Ayorkor as Edem and also disclosed to her, his intentions to marry her. He told her how ready he was to take her to show his parent’s. The young man spoke in his usual calm manner.
Ayorkor pleaded with him to give her a little time to know him better. Aaron had no problem with that. He agreed to what she said but he boiled deep within. He was in a rush to get a wife because there was going to be a promotion at his hospital and looking at the criteria of the promotion, a doctor needs to have a wife before being promoted to a higher office. His parent’s as well were on his nerves to get a wife. So he felt there was a need to get it at all cost not because he himself needed it. Far from that.
Edem advised Ayorkor to agree to his friend’s proposal because he was a good young man. The manner in which Edem spoke made Ayorkor giggle. He spoke and did everything like a lady. She saw it as normal life and therefore didn’t read any meanings into with. Being a doctor, she knew a guy could be born with female hormones. Same way a lady could be born with male hormones. Edem’s behavior was not strange to her.
Edem boiled within with anger and jealousy seeing how beautiful Ayorkor was. Aaron was his gay partner. Aaron had explained everything to him, the need to get a wife and has assured him his marriage would never be a barrier to their relationship but he felt Ayorkor would surely get Aaron’s full attention with time and their relationship would be in the drain. He was not happy with his partner’s decision though he himself knew there was a need for Aaron to marry if not for the promotion, for his nagging parent’s.
After all the anger and frustration that Edem saw ahead of time, he encouraged himself with the fact that if Aaron marry and the lady becomes a hindrance to their relationship, he won’t hesitate to end the lady’s life. He was in no position to lose his relationship with Aaron.
They started dating when they were freshmen in the university and had held on to the relationship till now. He would do anything to maintain the relationship
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They enjoyed themselves to the brim and Aaron dropped Ayorkor at her door step. The young lady showed appreciation to him for the wonderful treat. She as well thanked Edem for his advice and disclosed to him that he really liked him because of how he behaved like a lady. They all giggled. Ayorkor bid them safe journey home and they drove out of her area.
Aaron noticed Edem’s unhappiness. He parked the car along the way where it was a bit dark. He assured him once again that no woman was going to separate them. Edem tried to complain but before he could open his mouth, Aaron kissed him and they got naughty.
Ayorkor took a shower and took a book she had been reading ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ a religious massacre, written by Nicholas Anderson Ankomah. She lied on her bed and begun to read. Ayorkor realised her focus was not on the book she was reading. Her attention was on Aaron. She was surprised at herself because it looks like the young man was ready to marry her but she wasn’t giving in.
What amazed her was the fact that he was ready to take her to see his parent’s as well as telling his friends about her. She compared all the guys she had had something to do with in the past to Aaron and realised he was one in a million. He was not in a rush to see her nakedness. What amazed her was the young man had not used any sexy word for her. She realised Aaron felt it was not appropriate to use such words. It never pricked her that Aaron was not into ladies but men.
She picked her phone and drafted a message that read…
Aaron, thanks for your patience and
Calmness. I wouldn’t have asked for
A better man like you. You have swept
Me Off my feet even though it’s not
Been long we became friends
I am agreeing to your proposal
I will marry you. I am so happy
To have a wonderful man like you
Ayorkor sent the message to Aaron, having a broad smile across her cheeks. She felt she has met the right and perfect gentleman…
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To be continued tomorrow
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