READ FULL STORY HERE Loading… Episode 38 I was going to start running to school then I remembered that it was a Thursday morning, there was no need to hurry because Thursday mornings in our school were for fellowship or moral instruction as they called it then, which always last READ MORE


READ FULL STORY HERE Loading… Episode 37 I bounced in freedom as I went to catch up with the Outlawz, the burden that seemed to hang in my heart had finally been lifted Much more easier than I thought. It was an unusual mood but expected amongst the Outlawz as READ MORE


I went back in to meet our basic science teacher already in class, She asked me where I was coming from and I lied to her that I went to the clinic before she let me go to my seat. The only thing I know about what she was teaching READ MORE


READ PREVIOUS EPISODE HERE Episode 34 Kelvin asked ugochi to go wait for him at the tuck shop and she left. “So, what’s up?”. He asked me once ugochi left. ” am cool”. I replied and he smiled. “No, I mean with you and Sharon”. He said and I shrugged. READ MORE


READ PREVIOUS EPISODE HERE Episode 33 I tiptoed to my seat and Sharon was busy writing something, she didn’t even look at me. That was when I remembered I’d pissed her off in the clinic but, I have this boundary with apology, it was one of the hardest things. “Hey”. READ MORE


WATCH OUT FOR FASTEST FINGER TONIGHT BY 11:59PM. LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Episode 32 After receiving the necessary medications the nurse asked me to lay down and sleep for a while as she left and I did. I don’t know if I had slept much when Miriam woke me up, READ MORE

Sharon part 29

Episode 29 “Well that’s nice, you could’ve cried yourself to sleep”. Sharon teased her. ” like you did?”. Chidimma teased back and we all laughed. “Godson I don’t know what happened, but I know you got involved all because you were with Kelvin. That boy is trouble and you know READ MORE